Monday, September 15, 2008

The Weekend /Day off/ Tenmyo Wednesday

So my weekend was pretty fun. Alot of funny stories/good times. Today I have a complimentary day off due to me participating at the Undokai (Sports Day). I'm going to use the day by biking around town, I might even try to bike up into the mountains or west to Ashikaga. I'm going to buy map before I start my adventure. I'll take videos and maybe put something together when I get home tonight.
Here's Pictures of my bike ride to Ashikaga. I think I biked over 30km yesterday. My butt is sore from the seat haha.

Here's a video I complied of my day.

Here's some of my fav pics of the day.

Today I taught at Tenmyo and I got my first gift! Check it out. It's a drawing of DragonballZ guys. It's pretty amazing to have been done by a 5th grader. I gave him a picture of Sasuke in return!


Also I haven't taught in Azuma Elementary school yet but some of the students from there saw me today at the grocery store. They actually recognized me from Sports Day and came up to me and said hello. Then their Mom was like That's the Hayai sensei (Fast teacher)! I just thought it was funny that I'm now known as the hayai sensei there.

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