Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy New Years!  

I can’t believe it’s already 2010! I brought the New Year in Nara, a historically rich city to the east of Osaka. Nara at one point in time was the capital of Japan. There are a lot of religious artifacts and such there, such as the worlds largest wooden Buddha.

もう2010年っか、ちょっと信じられないなぁ。大阪の東にある奈良で新年迎えました。 昔奈良は日本の首都だった。奈良に修道院とか多い。世界中最大の大仏があるし、文化遺産いっぱいある。

Christmas was nice, but quite humbling. I had a quiet Christmas, got a gift from my girlfriend and from my grandparents in the mail.


After Christmas my friend Yuhki came from Tochigi (where I used to live) to stay for a couple days. And then a day or two after Yuhki arrived Halston came. It had been over a year since I had seen Halston. Having them both here was awesome. It’s a bit strange being around friends who I met in completely different situations half way across the world, but at the same time it’s really cool. They got along great.

The first day or two we spent just relaxing and doing a little sight seeing in the city. For actual new years we went to Nara. It was just Yuhki, Asuka, Halston, and me.

Over his whole visit we saw a lot. We saw some things that I’d seen before and wanted him to see, and things that neither of us had seen.

I think my favorite was sanjyusan gendo hall in Kyoto.
As for new years resolutions I don’t have that many. I think I’m living a good life, there isn’t much I want to change about it. They aren’t really resolution, more just things I’d like to do more of. For example I would like to get better at speaking Japanese. I think my reading and understanding have increased greatly, there’s no doubt, however my speaking hasn’t really gotten that much better in my opinion. So I guess I just have to practice more? Other than that I’d like to find more interests/hobbies. I have quite a few, maybe instead of finding new ones I should more strongly pursue current ones, I