Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Japanese Inventions

The Japanese never cease to amaze me with their inventions and continued passion to make things that just aren't necessary. For example this robot elephant designed to clean urinals.

Those crazy inventors over at Mertec in Japan have recently unveiled their newest creation—a robot elephant designed to clean urinals. The man behind the unique design claims that the elephant theme came to him because he imagined the trunk as "a powerful reversal of the urinal drain." The idea of reversal is even represented in the robot's brand name "DCBA" (ABCD). Mertec claims that DCBA can clean a urinal in 10 seconds and save 8 liters of water in the process. All I know is that if I ever travel to Japan and see one of these things patrolling a bathroom, I'm keeping my junk tucked safely in my pants. [Impress via 3yen]

I really wonder what they are capable of if Japanese put their heads together and used their man power to looked for the cure for cancer, or aids, or something like that. We'd have it in no time.

A really interesting site thats packed full of crazy Japanese inventions is below. I think it is updated daily and always has something that's either weird or just straight ridiculous. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/japan/

In other news, I'd like to ask the question What is Normal? If normal is simply the majority then normal is a Muslim Chinese person.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So I watch a couple of episodes of Cromartie High School for the first time. and it's a pretty funny anime. The best episode I've seen so far was the episode where 林田慎二郎 (Hayashida Shinjirō) started humming and couldn't figure out the song. It was just hilarious that they got the whole school to hum it and still couldn't figure it out. It was also funny no one asks if mechazawa is a robot. It is kind of funny that Freddie (I'm assuming Freddie Mercury) is in it and a gorilla.

Monday, April 14, 2008


This past weekend I participated in what could have been my last frisbee tournament of my college career. Sectionals took place in Salisbury, MD where games started on Saturday. We went 4-3 and came in 4th place overall in our section, 1 spot short of regional contenders. Fortunately there is still a chance we can go to regionals because 1 section gets what is known as a power bid. This means that 1 section gets an additional team to go to regionals. Last year that section was ours, as we beat George Washington but they still went to regionals. So there is still a chance we get to go to regionals, however it will never be as good as if we beat them and earned it ourselves.

All and all ultimate frisbee has been a good sport to me. I've learned alot about it and there's no team I'd rather play with than Buzz. I love Buzz and hope that next year we kick some more ass. I'm glad I've had the chance to play with such a good group of guys. I've had an awesome four years and hopefully I will continue to play ultimate after I graduate.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New special move

So on the way home today I was thinking, and I came up with a new special move. That special move is called the sprigg newton. I'd explain it to you but I can't because well everyone who has seen the sprigg newton has died.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Playstation 3

I think when the opportunity presents itself (money and ability to buy) I will get a PS3.
As of now theres really only two reasons I would get one. Hopefully that number increases.

First reason, Tekken 6. Look at those graphics, need I say more?

Second reason, MGS4, I feel I need no explanation here.

Monday, April 07, 2008


This will be a place to post my randomness as well as everyday life. Although many days these go hand in hand today was mostly a normal day I suppose.