Monday, April 14, 2008


This past weekend I participated in what could have been my last frisbee tournament of my college career. Sectionals took place in Salisbury, MD where games started on Saturday. We went 4-3 and came in 4th place overall in our section, 1 spot short of regional contenders. Fortunately there is still a chance we can go to regionals because 1 section gets what is known as a power bid. This means that 1 section gets an additional team to go to regionals. Last year that section was ours, as we beat George Washington but they still went to regionals. So there is still a chance we get to go to regionals, however it will never be as good as if we beat them and earned it ourselves.

All and all ultimate frisbee has been a good sport to me. I've learned alot about it and there's no team I'd rather play with than Buzz. I love Buzz and hope that next year we kick some more ass. I'm glad I've had the chance to play with such a good group of guys. I've had an awesome four years and hopefully I will continue to play ultimate after I graduate.

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Anonymous said...

your mohawk looks pretty awesome.

no worries about the friz though, there are still plenty of places to play ultimate (at least in md) after graduation :-) one of my moms friends daughters plays on a local team somewhere around DC. So scope that shits out.