Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life in Osaka

What up!
It's been a while since I updated so I figure I would. By the way my camera's picture function is a bit wacky so that's why I haven't been taking so many pics lately. The video function works just fine, but when I take pictures its a bit grainy/blurry. I'm going to bring it into a shop to get it fixed soon.

Over the past few weekends we've been staying active. One day Matt and I made free hug signs and went to some high traffic areas around Osaka. We got lots of hugs from random people and actually made a new friend. He lives north of Kyoto a bit and he's gonna come hang out from time to time when he comes to Osaka.

Other things that happened were I went to explore more of the city, sang karaoke alot, met some friends and went drinking a few times and played ultimate frisbee.

Wednesday was my first payday from my new company. I was happy to finally get paid, wow after almost 3 months. I can finally decorate my "relatively" new house. Once I get my camera fixed I'll get photos of that up.

That same Wednesday I played a softball game with the staff of my school. We played against another Junior High School. I thought we were gonna crush them, but it turned out we lost! I batted 6th and played right field. I caught a few fly balls. I got a couple base hits and 1 pop fly. There was one play where I should have dove to catch the ball but I didn't. Next time I will. Also one time I held on to a fly and didn't throw it back in time to stop the runner from tagging up and getting a run. I'm looking forward to the next game.

This weekend I might take a trip somewhere seeing as how I finally have money. Also I'm very happy that Matt got paid, now he can contribute more to the house and now him and I can get actual nice dinners, not just crap to survive haha.

Last night Matt and I were shopping at the 100 yen store(dollar store) and a random Chinese girl came up to us and asked to be our friend lol. Kind of random but it can't hurt to have another friend. I think she is just lonely after moving to a big city and living alone in an apartment. I don't blame her, I think shes brave for coming up to Matt and I and asking hah.

I'm looking forward to my first weekend with disposable income. I'm also glad Matt can afford to do things now haha.