Saturday, October 09, 2010


なんでそんなにいいのかというと、苦しい場面があったり、嬉しい場面あったりして、結構面白いからです。登場人物は共感できないほどとっぴでも非現実 的でもないです。アニメを見ると面白い感じるけど、やっぱ現実じゃないからあまり共感できません。だからドラマとか映画を見ないとだめです!笑


So I finally finished watching "It's hard to say I love you".  It's a really good Japanese Drama. I recommend watching it to anyone learning Japanese.

Why do I think its so good? I laughed I cried and everything in between. The characters are really easy to relate to so it's easy to get into. If you watch anime and stuff like that you can only relate to a certain point before you realize its not real. So, if you want to learn more "real" Japanese you should really watch dramas and movies with realistic scenes.

With the link I provide below you can watch the drama with not only English and Japanese subtitles but many more. And the caption bar on the side is really great for language learners.