Sunday, September 21, 2008

Earthquake and Being Screwed By A Japanese Person for the First Time

My weekend was fun, and pretty eventful. Alot of hanging out with friends, went to Ken's bar (I teach the owners son) and a nice authentic Indian restaurant (all you can eat buffet .. really good). You can see the pictures of Ken's Bar HERE there's also a video on facebook of Matt and Adrian dancing. While at Ken's bar I decided to get in a picture with everyone in the bar. Oliver wanted to join me, so between us we got a picture with EVERYONE in the bar. People back home know how I like to get into pictures with random people so this is a normal thing for me and them. Haha.

So today (Sunday) was pretty adventurous I must say. I woke up at about 7 automatically like normally. Except today, after I woke up, I was laying in my bed and there was an earthquake. It started with a slow low rumbled and worked its way up to medium rumble. I was like.. should I go outside? What do I do.. didn't really know so I just sat there haha. Nothing broke or anything but it was kinda weird because it was a long earthquake. I think that was probably the 4th I've felt since I've been here.

After getting up and stuff I decided to go to Utsunomiya today and meet Shea. So after doing the usual morning routine I headed to the station. After getting there I locked my bike where I normally do behind the vending machines. I just missed the train by 3 minutes. So I had to sit and wait for an hour for the next train to come, it sucked.

After finally getting to Utsunomiya I met up with Shea and we went and bought a 2nd controller for his PS3. Then we headed for his place and got some Gyoza on the way. After getting there Shea played some games then he wanted to go grocery shopping. I offered him all my help because he doesn't really know any Japanese, so I found the stuff he'd like in the grocery store and helped him translate stuff.

After that we headed back (it was raining so it sucked) he played the demo of Star Wars the Force Unleashed. Kind of cool game.

Anyways it was getting late so I decided to head back, and it takes about an hour to get back to Sano from Utsunomiya. Once I got back I went to where my bike was. I unlocked the normal lock that I use and then started to go... then I realized my bike wasn't moving. My bike came with a built in lock on the back tire that you just turn the key and take it out and it locks (preventing the back tire from moving). I never used this lock and just left the key in the lock. So apparently some Japanese person thought it would be funny to steal my lock out of my bike tire and strand me at the station.

After being a bit pissed for a while I carried my bike to a 7-11. I called Becky and Graham and asked for their help. I figured maybe since Becky has the same bike the lock would be the same/similar. I called Graham (since he has a car) and asked for him to help me bring my bike back to my house since I couldn't ride it home. After calling for help I bought a screwdiver set and started to break apart the lock. After taking it apart as much as I could with the screwdriver Becky showed up. She took the screwdriver and jammed the lock apart slightly at the weakest part of thin aluminum. After getting this foothold Graham busted out some pliers he had. We used our hands and the pliers to bend it as much as possible. After Graham and I tried to bend it for about minutes I finally decided I was going to do it. I went super saiyan and used all my strength and bent it enough to get it off.

If it wasn't for Becky's idea to rip it at the aluminum part and for Graham's pliers and man strength, I probably would have still been pissed and walking home.

Now I've decided to keep the lock as a trophy and reminder to A. Not leave the key in the lock. B. Not trust all Japanese People. C. Don't be a fool.

So I owe Becky/Graham alot of thanks. They're pros for coming out to help me in my time of need. I'll have to buy them a dinner/beer soon. If you're reading THANKS GUYS!

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Shea said...

LOL damn, that sucks dude! I found out Dayne is giving a bike to me (has to fix some stuff first) but I'm glad it's being "passed on". I offered to pay but he said no. So yeah..

Thanks for helping me again though...studying Japanese so I can read more on my own haha.