Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Fun Weekend

So from Wednesday to Friday I taught at Ueno, everyday went great. I get along with pretty much all of the teachers there really well. I wasn't able to show them my slide show but I talked with a few of the teachers a bit. The 2nd grade was great. I taught them for the first time, and now I think I've introduced myself to all the teachers/students finally. So no more introductions anymore! Which is good and bad because now eveyone knows me, but I like the self introductions, they're fun!

Friday night we all went out to Tanuma and tried to go to a french food place in a hotel, but it turned out it was closed. So we started walking around to find a new place, at first we wanted to get Pizza but we changed our minds, after that we met with Robb. He recommended a place close by so we headed there. We had a few beers and got some food. Here's my meal after I already ate some hah:

Good stuff. Matt was telling me a story of how he has this Autistic teacher at his school that say HEY MATT! Then just stands there. Or like says very obvious stuff like you have class today. He's like yep, then they both stand there for 10 minutes until the teacher walks away haha. So funny. Here's a video of it:

Anyways after that everyone wanted to go out to an Izakaya (Kind of like bar/food place) but I decided to call it a night because I was going to wake up early to go play Ultimate Frisbee in Utsunomiya. I had to get up at about 8:00am because it takes an hour to get there and I was supposed to meet someone at 10:00.

Saturday morning I woke up at about 7:30 automatically before my alarm hah because I'm in a rythm or something.. Anyways got all ready and headed to the station and barely made the train I needed to catch at 8:50. Finally arrived in Utsunomiya around 8:50 where I met Atsuhiro. I've emailed him alot but this was the first time we met. He thought I was going to be big and tall because I was American ahha, nope, he was taller than me. I told him I'm Japanese size and he laughed. Anyways he's a really nice guy because he picked me up and drove me to the fields even though he never met me.

We ran drills and played Ultimate all day, and it was so fun because it has been so long since I've played Ultimate Frisbee. Everyone on the team is really nice and apparently two of the girls on the girls team played in the world finals, which is amazing. One of them had most points scored at like 50 something, which is alot... They all did their best to talk to me in English, and I did my best to speak in Japanese, they said for only studying for 4 months I'm really good. Atsuhiro helped with translations from time to time, I also brought my Dictionary ha.

I asked for a group picture and they said why!? I was like what? Then they told me Why = Y and Y = Yatta which means YAY! So after that lesson in Japanese I took the pictures haha. Here's the teams, The boys team name is Hot Scream and the girls is Chaoz. They told me Hot Scream doesn't make sense in English and agreed, but said it was cool team name. Also Chaoz means gyoza apparently (I think? I don't really know.) I told them in English it looked like Chaos which meant crazy and they all laughed about it and were excited.

After playing ultimate with them all day they wanted me to come with them to go drinking. I had to decline because Atsuhiro had to go, and he was my ride so I don't think I'd be able to make it back to Sano if I stayed with them. Plus Atsuhiro was the only one who spoke enough English to really understand me and he was leaving hah. Anyways, next time I'll hang out/go drinking with them if they throw out the invite because that'd be alot of fun.

Atsuhiro drove me back to the station and I took the train to Oyama, where I waited around a bit then met up with everyone from Sano. After that we went to Adrian's place and had a little house party. I didn't drink but it was alot of fun. Just hanging out talking enjoying our convenience store food haha. I got potato salad, gyoza (which is like dumplings) and Peach Water haha. While at this convenience store this cat wouldn't leave me alone so I took a picture with it, because you know I like taking pictures with everyone.
Hahah... I think the flash made it angry. After that we headed back and just talked and enjoyed our time at Adrian's Place. He has a really nice place and its huge, but he pays alot for it apparently. I enjoyed the whole day really. Afterwards Yukari drove back home to Sano and I found out I couldn't get my bike because the parking thing I parked at closed. Anyways I asked Yukari if she'd drive me home because she lives close to me and she said it'd be ok. I was super greatful, we talked a bit on the ride back, all in Japanese. I was proud of myself haha! Turns out shes the same age and she just graduated. She was an English major but I don't think she spoke much English that night, but I think she understands more than can speak like me and Japanese.

She dropped me off then I went to bed. Woke up today and walked to the station for the first time, it takes me 40 mins to walk and like 15-20 to bike there, therefore I love my bike. On the way back I accidentally scared some little girl. I was passing a field and there were some crows in it, I made some crazy noises to scare them away but they didn't move. There was a girl walking up ahead of me, and heard me. I think she thought I was some crazy foreigner so she started running away from me haha. I felt awful but it was hilarious. I wanted to go apologize but I knew it'd just scare her more so I biked a different way home so I didn't scare her anymore lol.

Tonight we're supposed to go to a Mexican food place. I'M EXCITED because it has been a while since I've had mexican. I'll bring my camera I suppose.. BLOG ABOUT IT!

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