Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today will be a short post because not to much happened today. At Ueno, we had a fire drill. The kids all went outside in their "indoor shoes" oh no! Hah. I basically watched them all evacuate. They run there, in America we're all told walk calming to the closest exit ect. The kids here run hahah.

I only taught two classes today because of the fire drill and because the school is preparing for sports day. At recess we played dodgeball and I climbed some metal poles and climbed the monkey bars really fast. The kids wanted to race so I did it haha.

Tomorrow I teach my first day at Junior High School! Oh boy! I made another speech for them if they want me to speak in front of everyone. I'm prepared, except I haven't got a lesson plan from them really so I have no idea what I'm teaching. I hear at JHS you just repeat what the teacher says so it seems pretty easy. We'll see what happens...

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