Friday, September 19, 2008

A Short Week and Azuma Elementary 吾妻小学校

This week was really short. I had Monday off because it was a national holiday and I had Tuesday off as a compensatory day off for working on Saturday.

On Wednesday and Thursday I taught at Tenmyo. They were both good days, and it was also where I got my first "gift". I mentioned this in an earlier post but basically it was an awesome drawing of DBZ and Naruto characters. In return I gave the student a copy of one of my drawings.

Today I taught at Azuma Elementary for the first time. My introduction went really well. And in the Staff introduction they actually cut me off because they thought I was done before my speech was over. The students really liked me alot.

This is new: In fact the entire 2nd grade wanted my signature. It was weird, I guess because they liked my drawings so much... the ENTIRE class came to me after class was over and said SIGN PLEASE! They wanted my signature in English and Japanese hahaha. I played soccer with them at recess and threw the frisbee a little bit.

In my introduction I mention that I like to make short films. Mostly stuff when I'm goofing off or small videos I edit together. They thought I was a director or something. Also they were all really surprised that I worked on Die Hard 4 too. I told I didn't get my name in the credits though haha.

This week has been pretty fun and pretty easy. It seems I'm having no real problems at all. I would like to have an enkai (welcome dinner) from one of the schools but I don't know if I am. I also want to hang out with more teachers but it's really difficult with their limited English and my limited Japanese, I guess that's more motivation for me to study. Apparently I'm very skilled in Japanese according to them, which may be true for only studying for 4 months, but its worthless if I can't hold a nice conversation with them!

This weekend we're supposed to get hit by a typhoon. I wonder how much it will rain?
I hope it holds up a little but I want to go out this tonight and later this weekend. I'm going to try to go to Utsunomiya and practice with the Frisbee team at the University, but it might get canceled. I'll have to wait and see.

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