Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ueno ES 植野小学校

Today I returned to teach at Ueno. I taught all 6th grade classes today which is a little weird because in the US 6th grade is part of middle school. I taught "What are you doing?" Then "What is he/she doing?" After getting the phrases down we played a gesture game and the kids had a blast. We broke them into teams and they got really competitive. Of the four classes I taught, two stood out because they were alot more fun. In those classes the kids were more into it, and seemed to be more interested in what I was teaching and me haha. The kids favorite new phrase is "Sasuke Please" (They all want a picture of the character I drew). I'm going to have to make copies and hand them out as prizes.

Afterwards I watched the kids set up/practice for their "Sports Day", which I think is coming up this weekend. Sports day here is weird.. its not sports its like a combination of weird activities. They stretch and do like cheerleading poses (where they hoist each other up). Its really ceremonial and no real sports go on from what I saw today.

For lunch we had some fish.. Ehhhh! I gave mine away. Also our rice has seafood all in it, I ate as much as I could.. haha. Also the miso soup had some fishiness in it, I drank as much as I could haha. So basically I came home hungry and ate a big dinner.

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