Friday, September 05, 2008

Tenmyo Elementary School 天明小学校

Today I taught at Tenmyo Elementary School. I had 4 classes, two first grade classes and two sixth grade classes. The two first grade classes were both really cute. Again the same reactions to all my self introduction props. AWESOME! SUGOI! KAWAII! JYOZU! Hah introductions are fun.

Todays topics were greetings and "What are you doing". I taught the first graders all about greetings. Hello, good morning, good afternoon ect. They enjoyed when I exaggerated things again. For "See you" I put a peace sign up, so they all copied me and did it too it was cute. For goodnight I pretended to sleep and then when they said goodnight I pretended that it woke me up.

After class there was two little girls (1st graders) that kept following me around hahah, in the small break between 2nd and 3rd period I went outside with them and played jump rope with them hahah. Then we played a game of tag - always fun.

After that I taught another first grade class (same stuff). Then I had lunch with some 4th graders. They asked me all about NY and what kind of olympics events I liked. There was a couple questions I couldn't answer because they asked things in Japanese I haven't learned yet. They asked if I was skilled in Dodgeball, I told them I played alot as a kid. So when recess came I went outside and dominated, of course I didn't throw at full speed but the kids were doing their best and aiming for my head ahhaha. I was pulled early from dodgeball because I had a meeting for classes next week. It went quicky but by then recess was over, damn!

After that I taught 6th graders. After doing my introduction to them they wanted my pictures I drew of Naruto characters. All the kids were saying SASUKE PUREASE! (sasuke please) Haha, after the class they all wanted to see the pictures again.

The lesson plan for the 6th graders was "What are you doing?" and then "I am ___" so I had a bunch of flash cards like "Playing the piano" "walking" "swimming" ect. After they understood what everything was we played "Karuta" which is a popular game they play in Japanese schools. Groups of about 4-5 students push their desks together and the teacher puts little pictures cards their desks in the middle. So the teacher asks me "What are you doing?" I respond "I am swimming." then the students try to grab the card with the picture of a guy swimming on it. The object of the game is to get as many cards as you can correctly.

I would trick the kids, when there was just 1 card left and it was "I am playing baseball." I would say playing the piano, or basketball and they would grab the card ... WRONG! hahah. Karuta is fun, and fun to watch.

After that I got to go home early because they said that there are times where they will require me to stay past my designated 4:15 time so when I finish early they want me to go home early. I was happy to oblige, but before I left I talked alot with the English Cooridator at the school. She was interested in knowing a bit about me and it was nice to talk to her.

I'm not sure whats going on tonight, but tomorrow everyone here has a doctors appointment because the company wants us to get all checked out. Luckily it's paid for so thats good although I bet it will take all day... so its kind of a waste of a Saturday and I have to get up early and all but whateva.



oldschool said...

Dude, this sounds like a wild adventure. Sounds like you're having fun. Looks like your natural ability to communicate and engage kids is going a long way in your teaching. I'm sure it's enhancing your effectivenes. Is it typical for it to rain so much there? I hope not, for your sake. Keep having fun!

Nathan said...

Sounds like your really enjoying teaching. You've defenitly have the goofy personality to get along with the kids. I have to be a hard case with mine so they stay under control. I'm hoping they get the message and behave better (not talk during individual work time, etc.) so I can loosen up a little bit. Keep the posts coming man, its good reading!