Saturday, September 13, 2008

Azuma ES/JHS Sports Day 運動会 (Undokai)

Today was the 運動会 Undokai (Sports Festival) for both Azuma ES and JHS. It was a day long event starting at about 8:20am and ending at about 4:00pm. It was alot of fun to watch the kids compete in tons of crazy events. The schools were divided into a red team and white team. The goal was to earn more points for your team by winning events.

I got to participate in two events. I was part of this relay event where the goal was to kick this big exercise ball in a figure 8 around cones. Everyone on my team (teachers and staff) was over 40 years old haha. I was also part of the final event, a huge relay. There was 5 teams total which consisted of 4 student teams and the one I was on (all teachers). The school thought I was super fast because I told them I was in track back in High School. Before the event started I asked if it was ok if I ran fast. They said it was fine haha. So when I got the baton for the relay we were in 4th place, after I handed it off we were in 1st hahaha. I didn't feel bad running full speed because the majority of the teachers are older so I was making up for it haha. The kids were all surprised at my speed and did their best to say I was fast in English. Our team came in 2nd place overall which is pretty good, as I'd feel bad if we came in 1st.

I'm currently in the process of editing a huge video together of the day. I hope I can upload it, It might have to be two installments.

*Edit* Here's a video compilation that I edited together of the day. ENJOY!

Also I've uploaded some photos: Facebook Photos CHECK EM OUT!

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Dan Saper said...

During the pom pom thing, the music that they were "dancing" to was the new Miyazaki movie "Ponyo on the Cliff" theme song...that song is so cute and irritating...