Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Another Month Bites the Dust

Now I am finished with my 3rd month NOVEMBER! December rolls in, and yet it still feels like I just got here.

I've now been in Japan for the same amount of time as last time, but it doesn't even feel close to the same. (3 and a half months) I feel like last time I did so freekin much in such a small time it was nuts. Went so many places, saw so many people ect. I don't feel like I've done half as much this time around but I guess that's because I have to work everyday and only have weekends off. That and I didn't come to tour, but to work. There aren't any arranged trips either, so maybe I'm/my friends here are lazy?

I've been to Tokyo, Oyama, Utsunomiya, ect. but no real touristy spots. But it's weird I don't really want to go to the touristy spots (at least any within trains distance) I feel like I'm past that.

I've decided for Christmas I'm going to go to Kyoto (so at least that's some travel) to visit Chris at Doshisha University. That'll be alot of fun. I just need to buy the ticket which I should get on soon because they might be selling out, I really have no idea what its like to go to Kyoto around Christmas. Everyone tells me its colder there, which sucks... hah. DOSHISHA UNIVERSITY I'M COMIN FOR YOU SOON! I HOPE YOUR READY!


Ricky said...

what are you? Doisha U. PR representative? lol

Yes, I do try to blog! btw, what is Chris doing in that school? Is he also teaching?

リナ said...

Hey, it's Takoyakiii. ;D I haven't talked to you in forever! I can't believe it's already been that long since you've been in Japan. o_o Glad you seem to be having fun though! Busy life = more experiences. :D