Sunday, December 07, 2008


Sorry I don't have any pictures for this post.....

On Friday I had a dinner party with Okada Sensei, Teraoka Sensei (Head of English at Tenmyo), Nobe Sensei (She is cute! ^ ^), Adrian, and Becky. I think the point was to introduce Okada sensei to Becky. Becky is going to be her private English teacher. I kind of was almost offended (taken back) by this because I live so close to Okada (5 mins by bike), and I'm the English teacher at her school (Tenmyo). I think she'll have to pick up Becky from her house like 10 mins by car. Apparently Okada wants to learn from a female because she lives with just her daughter so its safer? I don't think I'm that threatening but its whateva. The dinner was really nice and Okada sensei was very accomodating. Her house is super nice, she worked with her friend (a designer) to make her house. I had a great time at the party, despite not being Okada's new English sensei hah.

On Saturday I went to Utsunomiya and played Ultimate all day. I played pretty well, it was alot of fun. We played in some foresty field instead of the normal place near the river. I like the place by the river more, but its ok.

I made a baby smile by making some funny faces on the train back to Sano. The mom didn't even notice which made it better haha. That made my day.

When I got home I was exhausted so I took a bath and went to bed super early, like 9:30. (Which is like a record for me)

Today (Sunday) I went grocery shopping and bought tons of stuff. I also went to a concert with Graham and Kristine, it was nice but I don't know if it was worth the 3,500 yen. The perfomance was by the Gunma Symphony Orchestra, they played well and the choir was the same one I heard at Iwafune last week too!

I was supposed to make bagels today, but I got lazy. I want to wait and do it with someone, not alone so when they come out crappy I can blame in on them (joke).

I bought my ticket for Kyoto, I leave on Christmas day and its an overnight bus so I'll get there at 6:30AM. I'll probably spend about 11 days in Kyoto. Which is an awesome amount of time.

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リナ said...

Wooooo Christmas!! 11 days... Plenty of time. o: You should check out that one area with all those shrines in one place. I don't remember what it's called, but there's this one shrine that's dedicated to love, and there's this one thingy with two rocks kinda far apart and if you can get from one rock to the other without bumping into anyone or anything, then you'll find love soon. :) If not, uhh, it'll take time. :P But yeah, I loved that place. It was up a huuuuge hill though.

Maybe Okada Sensei was scared that her daughter would fall in love with you. ;D

And awwww, Nick making kids laugh. :3 How cuuuute.