Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is coming up

On Monday I taught at Azuma Elementary. For 6th grade I taught about Christmas and we had a Christmas skit. After all the students gave me a Christmas gift. I got a ton of little gifts from the Ojima Sensei's class.

Today I taught at Azuma Junior High. It was a typical day, and I taught all the classes (7th - 9th) I got a gift from Sakurai Sensei, which is super nice. He also gave me a gift to send my brothers in the states which is awesome. I have to buy some stuff for them myself to send, I haven't had a chance yet.

Here's a picture of all the stuff I got. The green box is for me, the green bag is for my brothers (from Sakurai Sensei (really nice)
All the small stuff is from my students (AWESOME!)

Here's a random pic I took, it was a nice day.

My new toaster oven (I don't think I put a pic of it on here yet)
Here's my set up, I put the microwave above, where I had storage before, and I put the toaster on top of the fridge.
I wanna start baking stuff, but haven't yet. I'm looking forward to Kyoto.... talked to Chris and Halston for a while today too. Chris is coming to Tokyo this weekend, I'm going to meet him there I think and we'll both come back and crash at my place. EXCITEMENT. (been a while since I seen him)

He also might be going back on the same bus as me, which would make it easier for me, but he hasn't decided yet.

Some Monks Chanting

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リナ said...

Ooooohhh, how cuuuute! XD Love notes from the girls? :P Hahaha.

Wooo for Kyoto! :D Have fun!