Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

So again.. lol, alot has happened again since my last post.

Saturday I spent relaxing pretty much, and I can't really remember anything noteworthy happening lol.

On Sunday Chris came to Tokyo to go to a party that a friend of his (Marika) was having. I decided to go meet him up and attend the party as well. He also caught up with another one of his friends from middle school who is in the Navy, but is stationed near Yokohama. His name is Josh. I met with Chris and Josh at about noon in Shibuya. We went to our old place in Akasaka, and walked to Temple. It was really nostalgic walk. It felt so natural, and at the same time so eerie at the same time. After living in Sano, I can see why some people dislike Tokyo. It's freekin crowded and smelly haha.

Here's a public link for facebook photos from the day, check them out
Facebook link:

We also went a couple other places, to name some... Roppongi and Yoyogi. Afterwards we went to Harajuku for the party. Here is a picture of Marika, shes was the host. We were supposed to be bouncers at the party, and just help arrange stuff, it was really easy and fun. We got to meet alot of Japanese people learning English it was a fun time. The food was really good too!
Fujimama's (The place where the party was)

After the party Chris and I tried to catch last train back to Sano but of course we missed it. I had school on Monday of course, but I didn't panic haha. We went to Ueno which is a station that is still in Tokyo but a bit closer to my house haha. Chris and I stayed in a Capsule Hotel. It was Chris's first time in one. They are just umcomfortable, I only got maybe an hour or two of sleep. We had to wake up at 4:30am to catch the first train back to Sano. We caught it and made it back around 7:07. I showered and went to school hahha. I told the teachers at my school what I did and they said please rest when I get a chance. Anyways there wasn't any time for rest because right after school was the Bounenkai for Ueno (End of year party). I surprisingly wasn't tired.
I took a pic of Chris in his Capsule from above (upside-down because my capsule was above his haha).

Here's a video I made from the pics and videos I took at the bounenkai. Please Enjoy!

The enkai was alot of fun. Although the only person at Ueno that speaks any real English is the vice principal I still had a blast. The food was a bit difficult because it was all seafood but oh well I survived. The Vice Principal at Ueno though is so hilarious. I wish I recorded some of the things he was saying. For example before he did his speech he told me, "I want to drink as quickly as possible so I'll make it short." For his speech he just said "Kanpai" which means cheers hahahah.

The enkai was awesome, I felt bad thought because Chris was at my house all day just chillin and studying. He said it wasn't a problem but I still felt bad haha.

Tuesday I went with Chris back to Tokyo because he was going to return to Kyoto that night. We went to school to see if anyone was there but since it was a national holiday it was closed. After that we went to Roppongi to see if Hiro (a friend of Chris') was there. He didn't work until 10 or something so that was a failure. Pretty much the whole day of Tuesday was a failure.

Today (Wednesday) is Christmas Eve, I taught 4th grade. It was kind of fun, but it feels weird working on Christmas eve, and I work tomorrow on Christmas day too. It really doesn't feel like Christmas at all. It feels like any ordinary day, I'm sure tommorrow will too.

Tomorrow I'm teaching 6th grade. After that I'm headed to Tokyo to catch a bus to Kyoto. I hope all goes smooth for me tomorrow.

To my family and friends back in America: I’m sorry I'm not there with you to celebrate this years holidays. I love you all very much and I'm missing you all terribly. Thank you for helping me make it this far, I couldn't have done it without you.

I probably won't be posting until I get back from Kyoto so to all:

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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