Friday, December 19, 2008

Big Update

So it hasn't really been that long since my last update but I got alot to talk about.

First let me say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I love you. Your probably the best mom I know, you've always trusted and supported me in whatever I've done, there's nothing more I could of asked for. (I'm lucky)

Next let me talk about teaching at Tenmyo from Wed-Friday. I got to dress up at Santa haha. The first and second grade students loved it. I made the teachers all call me Santa Sensei haha. Alot of the students knew it was me but still got a kick out of it. The third and fourth graders too, most figured it out but it was stil alot of fun. After they figured it out they started chanting Nicholas Santa! Unfortunately I can't post any photos of me and students but I have some that are just me so its ok. If you want to see some of the pictures with me and students email me or comment : )
Also that day I read a bit about Tenmyo's history. I found out the school is the 2nd oldest in all of Sano. It was built in 1873. Here's a picture of one of the classes from 1911.
It feels really cool to be a part of something that has gone on for so long. Even though of course back then they weren't learning English hah.

So all of the schools here have something called a 忘年会 or End of Year Party. Friday (Last night) was Tenmyo's Bounenkai. After school I went home and changed then met Teraoka sensei and we went to Chakoya where the Enkai was being held. I've been to Chakoya before, I went there for my birthday and it is surprising much bigger than I thought.

Me and Teraoka Sensei (Head of English at Tenmyo)

Nakao Sensei and Student Teacher

Best pic of the night!
I wish I took more pics but I was busy enjoying everything.
The enkai was alot of fun. I really wish there was more of them. The next one is in March. I have one with Ueno Elementary next monday. Enakis are a great way to get to know the people I work with. Its cool because everyone has their opinions of each other and I'm just getting to know them so I'm starting to see what kind of personalities they all have. All of the teachers are so busy during the school week its so difficult to hang out, and thats a shame. At the enkai I planned to have some Yakiniku (good japanese grilled meat) with Nakai sensei. I'm excited about that. I also want to hang out with Yagisawa sensei more he seems like he'd be fun to hang out with. I can't wait for Ueno's Enkai!

Today I've been doing a ton of house keeping, cleaned a bunch did laundry, went grocery shopping and so on. Earlier today I got a package from my grandparents full of American food and snacks. It makes me so happy I almost cried.

My family rocks.

Pretzels.. oh how I miss you. Your salty goodness and crunchiness can make me fall to my knees. Why they don't make or sell you here I'll never understand. I also got some Sour Patch kids, jammed packed of sugar... just the way I like it, some Jerky, soup, and cereal mmmmmm.

Tonight I might go to this other "Drunk Santa" party, but I haven't decided yet.

Tomorrow I'm going to Tokyo to see Chris, it's been a while. He has some party going on but during the day I think we're going to go back to Akasaka and cry and hold each other haha (so many memories there). Also we're going to go to this party together, and apparently Chris and I are going to be bouncers there ahaha. EXCITING LIFE!