Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nothing Special

Today I taught at Ueno, 4th grade, semi-weird lesson plan about Christmas. I wore my contacts today. Alot of kids were asking "Why aren't you wearing glasses", I explained I was wearing contacts.. some didn't know what contacts were. Some said 「すごいかっこい」Or すげえかっけ!Which means super cool/super good looking. Which I guess is good they thought I was cool. Some were talking about how my eyes were green, they didn't believe it. After school I talked with some teachers about Christmas, they were generally interested. In Japan they make snowmen out of 2 big snowballs, not 3. They also usually put a bucket on its head instead of a hat.


I've started up my kanji study again... I hope it lasts this time. I'm definitely not going to make my end of the year deadline, but thats ok. I learned alot of grammar and finished my Genki I book. WHY ARE YOU KEEPING ME FROM LEARNING... KANJI!!! WHY!!!! The first step is the biggest, in fact its 2042 steps in one.


Tomorrow I might interview some of my co-workers in Japanese. I was going to do it today but I wussed out. Probably because the woman I was going to ask is cute hah. Also I feel like a baby when I speak Japanese, its aweful. All the teachers are so freekin busy all the time. Even on weekends, its like impossible to do anything.

Tomorrow's Friday. What am I doing this weekend?

I'm feeling melancholy, but don't know why. I think I'm feeling lonely. I think when I sit around and don't do much or when I get bored I get lonely. I need to keep busy.


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bug said...

wow! your Japanese is getting so good!
ニックの英語 すご~~い! うまくなって来たね~~~。 びっくり したよ☆

I know why you get lonely this time of the year..... of cause! it's X'mas time.
1人になると 寂しい(さみしい)のは すごくよくわかるよ!
だって クリスマスだから・・・。

I know you miss your, as you said, just make yourself busy.
家族(家族)がいないと ホント! さみしいよね~・・・!
だから ニックが言ったように 自分を(じぶん)を忙しく(いそがしく)するのはいいと思うよ~~~。

Japanese X'mas is not so bad... and but Japanese New Years eve and New Years day is even better!!
日本のクリスマスも ま~いいけど・・・ でも 日本のお正月(おしょうがつ)は もっといいよ~~!

Japanese New Years day is just like your X'mas day.(the most important day in Japan)
日本のお正月は 欧米の(おうべいの)クリスマスのように 日本では一年で 一番(いちばん)大きな事です。

ニック先生! 日本語もがんばってね!☆

ニュージーランドから ニックが日本で 1人ぼっちで 時には ホームシックにはなるけど 頑張って(がんばって)いるのを 応援(おうえん)してるよ~~~~! 

from " B U G "