Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weird Dream

Man, last night I had a weird dream.....

I don't even know where to begin. I think it was a double dream in that I was still asleep but I had two different dreams. The first thing I remember was that I was at this bakery, watching them make and sell their stuff, but I wasn't even behind the counter I was just standing in front, and watching. For some reason there was a Camera man there who was filming the whole thing. Apparently the bakery was going to be on a TV show. What was dumb was that it wasn't even a nice bakery is was like a dinky kiosk like store. There was like 2 cakes that were like mediocre, you could probably make or buy them from like Wal-mart hah. What else was weird is that my ex-girlfriend Angela was working there and some of my other friends from childhood. I don't think I talked to anyone working there, I just watched the bakery do its work lol. After the bakery closed I wrote something on one of the nearby wooden railing tops. I wrote (for some reason with ashes and my finger) I really enjoyed watching, and when I get home I'll watch the show and I signed it NY -for some reason. -- Really weird.

Now I don't know if that was connected or not -- but in the next part of my dream I was Antonio Banderas for some reason and I was being chased by Robert De Nero. He was some type of bad guy. I remember driving up this huge steep mountain with this other guy who I think was my partner (I think I was a cop) but I didn't know his name. We got like either ambushed or somehow our car got flipped upside down. We both scrambled away and I survived he didn't. Anyways after that it was like a goose chase for me to hunt De Nero and avenge my partner. He was some psychopathic killer, and for some reason I had to stop him. I remember trying to like infiltrate this area by metro rail. I kept having to kill these henchmen guys and sneak by them. I also thought he had killed or kidnapped my family or something so I had to stop him.

After this part these is a huge gap.. and then I finally catch De Nero or see him. I go after him but instead of like tackling him we start to talk. After me (as Antonio Banderas) and De Nero talk are both start crying because both our lives are ruined. Somehow we both realize that we just miserable and suffering so we stop fighting. After that I woke up and came back to reality lol.

Anyways it didn't make much sense, but it was kind of ridiculous.

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