Monday, July 21, 2008

Another 日本語のレスン

Ok everyone, here is another Japanese lesson. Today we will be learning about counters. In Japanese certain objects require words that are used as counters, since Japanese lacks the plural form of words. Counters are words that identify that there is more than one object present.

Counters include:

(ほん)hon Used for long or cylindrical objects such as (Books, Hair, Bottles, Trees, Poles)

(まえ) mae Used for flat material Paper, cloth, plates, ect.

台 (だい) dai Used for many kinds of Machinery (computers, cars, other industrial Equipment) 

 (けん) ken Used for Places (houses, and shops)  

(にん) nin Used to count People 

Although 1 person or 2 people is an acception once you reach 3 you can just use normal numbers. An example is below.

1一人  (ひとり hitori) 

2二人 (ふたり futari) 

3三人 (さんにん sannin

There are more counters, however this is what I've learned up to this point. Take it in because there is more to come!

And this concludes my second 日本語のレスン!

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Mandy said...

So if I wanted lots of cookies, what would I say? (I feel like that would be crucial to me!)