Wednesday, July 30, 2008


OK! So I found out a bunch of great info from Joytalk. First off, I got a choice as to where I teach, and where I live! I told him that I'd prefer to work with Elementary School but I'd like a mix. He basically said we have a position that's perfect for that. So I will be teaching for the majority of my time in Elementary School. However I will also have 14 total days teaching in Junior High School. This is great because it's exactly what I wanted. Also he asked me if I preferred to drive or not, of course I said not! He said that the place I'd be living is close to the main ES I'd be teaching at. AWESOME!

Next he told me that my visa is almost done and that it will be sent asap which is good, I need to get it done before I leave!

Also I found out there will be 10 ALT's in Sano, and that Sano has a curriculum which means less hard work for me! GREAT!

Next he told me that all the ALT's will be spread out in different apartments over a 5KM area. This is good because it gives me space, but I'm close enough to other ALT's that if we want to hang out we can!

SO MUCH GOOD NEWS! The little chat I had with Joytalk really relieved some stress.

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