Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hair Styles

Ok, so I've opened a poll and now. Votes will be anonymous. The poll will decide how I will style my hair. Below is a picture of each style so you can vote. Click on the pictures to see them in a larger size. Comments are welcome as well. Votes are entered on the top right of the blog.

Short hair

Medium Hair

Long Hair

I visited Baltimore for about a week. It was alot of fun, just hanging out with everyone and I got to see the Dark Knight. Everyone went to the 12:00am showing opening night, except me and Chris has to wait to see the 1:00am show because everything else was sold out. It was a very good movie and in my opinion Heath Ledger stole the show. He had a good performance but also I guess it could of just been really well written.

On the way back from Baltimore I went through some rain. It was amazing because for about 20 minutes I could see this huge rainbow and I actually drove through the base of the rainbow. I've never been that close or seen a rainbow for that long. It was amazing looking; never have I seen a rainbow as large as this or full. It made the last hour of my drive much better.

In other news, at dinner last night something very funny happened. We were eating dinner and there was a fly bothering us. Randomly my step dad went to grasp at it and then jokingly went to eat it. The thing is this time he actually caught it and actually ate it. After he did it he was coughing for a couple minutes and gagging. It was hilarious, because he inhaled the fly.


Mandy said...

It's too hard to pick from these! These were all great styles!

Anonymous said...

個人的には ロングヘアーの方がいいと思う。
なぜなら 僕は 結構禿げていて ロングにしたくても出来ないのだ。

I think I prefer long hair personality.
Because I am baldness and it is impossible to choose my hair style.