Friday, July 18, 2008

Target Sucks

Target in Newburgh NY sucks. So I applied to Target like almost three weeks ago. The day after I applied I was told to call the store and ask for HR. I did, and no one picked up, this went on for about a week. Finally I got in touch with someone, and an interview was scheduled. During the interview the first woman who was interviewing me was new at this or at least she claimed. She basically did what I could of done alone. She read off questions and I answered them, then she wrote down my answers and was a horrible speller. This was a waste of about a half an hour. Next a competent employee came in who was actually an intern. She asked about my Marketing degree because she was in the process of getting her degree in Marketing too. She had a grip about what was going on and then another woman came in. Next she finished the interview process and told me I'd need a background check and a drug test. I said that'd be no problem, and then I found out I had 24hrs to take the drug test. I decided to go right after the interview. Having not had breakfast that morning it took me forever to pee. So I sat the diagnostic place for about 2 hours. Finally I took the drug test and left. Target told me they would get back to me as soon as they got the drug test results back. (They claimed it took and average of 24-48 hours). Two days after my drug test I called and no one was around so I called back the next day at a different time and same response. Finally after doing this for another week they called me back and said that the drug test had been canceled. They didn't give me any reason why after I asked and claimed since it was outsourced it took a while to get the results back. After hearing this I threated to not work because at this point they had wasted 2 weeks of my time where I could have been looking for other jobs. The woman simply said would you like me to put you down as withdrawn then? I told her yes.

You think if your company needs help you put now hiring signs up and hire people as soon as possible. This way your not overworking your current employees and everyone is happy. Apparently they don't need help or they just completely suck at life. Its unfortunate that it happened and that the process of getting to actually work there is so long and retarded. I could of actually made some money and they could of benefited from an overqualified employee.
Instead they wasted both my time and theirs for about two weeks. Awesome.

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Mandy said...

They are retarded, you would have been the best thing that ever happened to Target! But in the long run, you definitely made out better!!!