Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Day / Poll Results

So I think the poll results are in. The people have spoken, they like my long hair the best! In all honesty I think the long hair picture was a bit biased because I was wearing sunglasses. I'll ask other friends and get their opinions in my final decision. As for now I guess I'll let my hair grow out.

In other news Cameron is visiting. My family, Cameron, and I went to the fair today. I had alot of mixed emotions going to the fair.... it was weird. First my initial reaction was remembering how much I dislike the fair. It seems like all it attracts are really trashy people. After thinking about this for a while I realized it kind of was not my place to judge them all so harshly. After going to different places in the world you kind of realize that everyone is different and just because they live differently does not mean its any better or worse than you. I also got to see all the couples at the fair which was great haha (sarcasm). I think Luke and Danny had fun though, and thats the most important part. I went on this ride called the Dizzy Dragon with Luke and Cameron. It was kind of like the teacups ride in that you sit inside a carriage and the ride spins and your carriage spins too. Cameron and I had it going so fast we all got super dizzy. Luke was so dizzy he was pressed against the wall and couldn't move.

There was also a mechanical bull ride at the fair. My parents and Cameron peer pressured me into riding it hahaha, it was actually pretty fun. Cameron did it first and it just looked hilarious because he's big. We took a video with his cell phone. Next I did it, I probably would of held on longer but the thing I was holding on to kept going under my crotch so I had to let go or reap the consequences hahah.

Later in the day we walked past a radio station tent thing. Randomly Danny started dancing, random people started taking pictures of him. It was really funny because my Dad would do a move and then Danny would try to copy. It was too cute for life.

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