Sunday, November 09, 2008

Second Month Complete

So I've finish October and it is was my second successful month here. I'm still enjoying teaching. Alot of the kids are warming up to me, pretty much everyone has my name down by now. They are still confused about what to call me: Nicholas Sensei or Lockard Sensei, but that's ok.

I haven't been bringing my camera with me places lately and I hate to post without any pictures or videos. Friday night I went to Graham's for little get together. Graham had like 8 people over or so, it was pretty fun.

Saturday during the day we had a big brunch and all hung out at Kristine's house. I bought15 bucks with or fruit but made this huge fruit salad it was really good and really worth it. I also had some pancakes and bacon and other goodies. Saturday night I went with Oliver to Oyama and had a few beers, and bar hopped. Met a couple people but didn't exchange numbers.

Today I went to Tokyo with Carrie and Adrian. Here are some pictures.

Here's all the pictures of the trip:

For those of you who know Yoyogi park you know its a nutty place where people do everything imaginable. We came across an acapella group it was pretty cool, I took a video. We also came across a bunny pageant which was funny.

It was another trip down memory lane being back in Tokyo again.

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