Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ashikaga Wine Festival

What up What up?

Yeah so this week has been easy. I taught at Funatsugawa on Monday. Taught the whole school in one day again haha (all 21 students in the school). At recess we played cops and robbers, the kids love getting chased, but always complain that I'm to fast haha. I like funatsugawa but the 5/6th grade really doesn't get into English at all which makes it hard to want to teach.

On tuesday I taught at Azuma JHS where I finally gave my students the gifts I made/got for them. Here's a picture.

For Kentaro, I bought a hacky sack because he really liked playing it when we played during the lunch break. I hope he plays with his classmates and they all see how fun it is haha. For Hikaru I burned a copy of her favorite band's CD. She likes a group called NewS and the album name is Pacific. I also included some extra tracks from other CD's because there was room. For Momoko I drew two pictures of her favorite Naruto character Neji and gave her the free Naruto bag I got at Kiddieland in Tokyo haha. For all of them I wrote a note in Japanese saying:

I know the English speech was difficult, but I think you did your best. If you always do your best you will never have any regrets in life. I used my hanko (signature stamp) and hanko'ed the note too haha.

I think they all really liked their gifts.

Wednesday through Friday I taught at Ueno ES. On Wednesday I taught 4th grade, which is pretty fun. After school that day the incoming first graders came to get tests done. A small paper test, and eye sight and hearing test. Just to check up on them I guess? It was kind of fun just hanging out with the students and helping the kindergardeners. On Thursday and Friday I taught 2nd and 1st grade, and I've decided they are my favorite grades haha. This one cute little first grade girl wouldn't leave my side, at recess she wanted to hold my hand haha. She also brought me over to the monkey bars and made me watch her do it haha. She was all excited and I told her GOOD JOB!

After class was over in the 2nd and 1st grade I told the kids "手を上げてください” Which means please raise your hands and when they did I ran up to them and started tickling them. It was really funny, but now all the kids just come up to me with their hands in the air because they want to be tickled so its funny but kinda weird haha.

At recess on Thursday these two 2nd grader girls wouldn't leave me alone. I had to phyiscally run away from them during recess. I climbed a tree and hid. They kept wanting to hold my hands. A six grader came over and said they we were lovers haha. I told her NO! and Help me! lol.

After school on the day that I taught 2nd grade (Thur) this kid came up and talked to me for a bit, then I realized his hat he was wearing had this written on it: F*** the World (but without the stars) haha. It was hilarious that people here can wear that, have no idea what it says and on top of that he's a 2nd grader without a care in the world. I think sometime soon I want to bring my camera to school, I still haven't done it. If I take pictures of kids though and post them I can lose my job so the pictures will just be for me and anyone who requests them via email I guess.

This weekend was the Wine Festival in Ashikaga. Here are some pictures.

Here's a link to the rest of the album:

It was pretty fun, but I'm glad I didn't go with everyone else at 7:00am, I went with Kazuya and Matt at about 10, and got to leave with them a little early at about 4:30. Surprisingly I didn't get drunk at the wine festival. I think its because I'm not a huge fan of wine so I didn't go crazy, but I did eat alot of stuff there because everyone brought different stuff with them. We got to eat in the vineyard, it was really cool. There was live music, good food, good drinks, and good people.

And a video!

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