Saturday, November 22, 2008

Important Happenings!

Important news!

My company emailed me and said that the Board of Education here is thinking about extending our contracts. Originally we had signed our contracts, which finished in March (when the school year ends here). However the BOE likes us, so they are talking about extending our contracts until July (Summer break starts here and only lasts for the month of August). I think if the BOE follows through and offers me employment through July I'll accept it. I feel like if I went home at the end of March I wouldn't have been here long enough. At the same time I don't think I would want to recontract for another year from March 2009 to March 2010. So by extending my contract to July I think its the perfect scenario for me.

Now to the Other stuff:
(especially weekends) I have this overwhelming urge to go outside and do something. Even if its going somewhere in Tokyo, or Oyama, or Utsunomiya, where ever really. I hate sitting at my computer when I'm in Japan. I feel like I need someone (friend) in my life that is super ambitious and is always doing something... that would be awesome. Maybe that or I just need to be that person myself and do everything and invite people. I feel like I waste my time doing nothing. I'm ok doing things by myself and I don't need someone to do stuff with, but it makes things more fun when I have a friend to do adventerous stuff with. Alot of people here that I'm friends with are either poor, boring, or isolate themselves.

I feel like I've had this urge since I've got here. And it hasn't been satisfied yet. I don't think it will go away even if I start being more adverturous.

I NEED ADVENTURES! (I'm on one, yet I don't feel fulfilled yet!)

ADVENTURE FACE! (Old pic but its adventurous) Things that happened over the week:

On Tuesday I went with Noshiro Sensei and Carrie to an Eye doctors here. I gave them my prescription and managed to register to get some new contacts, so this week I'm trying this trial pair. I'll start wearing them more if they are comfy. The eye doctors gave me three boxes of solution with cases and everything for free. I don't think I'll need to buy new solution for a while lol. They are Acuvue Oasis or something, they aren't bad but they do get dry after about 8 hours or so I think. I'll buy two boxes next Tuesday when they're ready for pick up.

Taught at Tenmyo from Wed-Fri. I got out early on Wednesday and got my first hair cut since I've been here! Here's a pic of it: I took with my new WEBCAM!!! (More about that later)

Giving directions in Japanese was interesting but I didn't really have that much trouble. The barber (was a woman) and I talked a bit about stuff. She said she'd try to learn more English and I said I'm learning new Japanese everyday lol. I told her about myself and she thought it was cool, because I guess being a foreigner (at least in Sano) automatically makes you interesting.

On Thursday I had to stay at school late because I got out early on Wednesday which I was ok with because I just talked to Teroka Sensei for like 2 hrs. I talked about drama in the school between the teachers and the Principal. Kinda crazy how much goes on behind the scenes at some of my schools, I guess living in ignorance is good and bad? We also talked about what is common in the US vs what's common in Japan, like with people my age. How in America its common to move out of your parents house after high school or college. But in Japan its common that females live with their parents until they get married. I told her about the emphasis on individuality and America and how everyone wants to be independent. Pretty interesting talk. I didn't get home until like 6 something but it was ok because I had a good conversation with her.

Here's a dinner I had this week:
Delicious, easy to make, and nutricious! Triple play! haha. Chicken salad thingy.

(Fri) Last night I went to Becky's because she was having a "house warming party" but not really she just bought a couch and needed help getting it in the house lol. Even tho the delivery guys brought it in just fine... Anyways the party was alright, we played some circle of death (drinking games) and hung out. I think Rob had the most fun, because he doesn't get to go house party's often haha. After that we went to Shidax for some Karaoke, but in all truth I should of just went home before that. Karaoke was fun but not that great because I was just exhausted. It was just a bit annoying because we couldnt decide what to do and no one was happy with the results and everyone was tired. I think Kristine got some good photos of the night, I'll ask for em later.

Today has been a little bit of a waste. I did some laundry, and did some stuff around the house. I also went out and bought a web cam, so now I talk with people from back home and they can see me! I also bought a bike pump which is great because now my bike feels like new after pumping the tires, they must of been really low.

I talked with Chris (who is in Kyoto) and Halston (MD) for a couple hours today. Here's the thing we used.

We caught up with each other and talked for a bit. After Halston and I played an online game, fun times.

Tomorrow I'm going to Adrian's house in Oyama for a big Thanksgiving event! It should be fun, but I feel like they is going to be to many people there and not enough room. There should be plenty of food because we all are bringing something, but ... just so many people and doing anything in big groups is difficult in Japan.

In other news, this picture of Luke makes me smile lol. It also makes me miss my family.

I was thinking about going to Chiba to visit a friend but she way busy this weekend. Maybe next time.

Now I'm bored and finishing the last of my laundry, I don't think anyone is doing anything tonight, I think I'm in for a boring Saturday night. In the mean time I'll be crawling out of my skin to do something.

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