Monday, October 20, 2008

Ultimate and RETURN TO TOKYO!

Friday night I went out with a few folks. I went to an izakaya with Matt, Becky, and Oliver. On the way there we met this guy who's an English teacher in Sano that I've never met before named Jack. He's from Lancaster PA, I guess he started as a Lancaster exchange guy (its the sister city of Sano for some weird reason.) It was a decent time, we had some Calpis and Shochu combo thing it hit us all hard somehow.

Saturday I woke up nice and early and went to Utsunomiya again and played ultimate. I took some more photos of it. It was an awesome time. I always have fun out there playing ultimate. Its probably my favorite sport. More photos 写真 CLICK HERE! << リンクです

I gave them my camera to take some pics too and here are some I got....
Nice, Thanks Guys hahah

I'm getting to know the guys there alot better. I finally know some names hah, last two times I was just going with nick names like Poor Boy, Shining boy and Muscle boy. I also got phone numbers and contact info. They said they want to hang out if I'm ever in Utsunomiya. Also the captain was asking me what I was doing after I'm done being an ALT. I told him I didn't know yet, he said I'm always welcome to come out and play.

I guess the ultmate thing is going well. I'm teaching them English ahha, ultimate English and they are teaching me how they play, because even though we have similar plays they call them different things and have slight variations and stuff. Its fun tho.. most of the time I tell them minarau which means I'll learn by watching haha.

On Sunday I woke up EARLY again (damn it I hate waking up early) but Its cool because I RETURNED TO TOKYO! I went with Carrie and Adrian, the whole time it just felt surreal. We went to Ueno, which I've been to and we went all places I've been included randomly going to the same exact Curry place I went last year. Here are a couple shots but for the full photo album CLICK HERE

We visited the Tokyo National Museum, which was as amazing as it was last time... and we also walked around Ueno a bit. We also went into the "Biggest Department Store in Tokyo". We got lost in it.. It was lot of fun running around tho with Adrian and Carrie, they're good peoples. We ate at EXCELSIOR for lunch! haha Its a rip me off version of Starbucks but I think I like it more.

I think after that we headed back. It was a fun day all in all.. I want to have more weekends like this past one. When I was in Tokyo it just felt surreal the whole time, like I was there but I wasn't. I think it's because just about all my friends that were there last time aren't there now and with that thought in mind its eerie. I guess I'll have to make more friends ha. I do miss Tokyo alot though. Probably the best time of my life hands down.

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Jeremy said...

Sounds like you're having a great time Nick, keep the photos coming. The museum has some awesome stuff in it too.