Sunday, October 05, 2008

Best Weekend 一番週末

宇都宮大学アルティメットフリスビーHot Scream
Here's a video that I made of Hot Scream (Utsunomiya University Ultimate Frisbee Team) With some extras at the end. Please Enjoy! これは私のビデオです、お楽しみください。 

Youtubeのバージョン Youtube Version 

To see pictures of the weekend please click the link above ^^

This weekend was very fun. On Friday I was supposed to go see a movie with Matt, Becky and Astea, but Astrea didn't show up (she was going to drive us there) because I guess we didn't confirm that we were all going. Anyways at around 7:40 we decided to just go bar crawling. It was a great decision. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera because I was expecting to go to the movies. I wish I brought it because damn there were some funny moments.

First we tried to look for this Jazz Bar we've heard of, but didn't have any luck. We kept looking and found some really small neighborhood bars. We went into the first one and it was kinda awkward. It was only old people and it was smaller than my house. We sat down and tried to order 3 beers but they only let us order a big bottle and we split it. The owner of the bar (a woman) kept sitting with us and talking. She asked if we knew any Enka (traditional Japanese songs) and Matt said he knew one.. of course she put it on the karaoke and made him sing. It was hilarious but a good experience hahah.

After that we went to a Yakitori place and got some Chicken, that place was kind of boring but we got to talk for a while. Then we explored a bit more and found a nice looking place. It was a small place and there were 8 people signing karaoke. We got in and sat at the bar area. We order a few drinks and the people signing karaoke warmed up to us real fast haha. We all started talking and it was really fun. One of the guys said he was a police officer and he was good at sumo. Of course I didn't believe him so I got off my bar stool and challenged him. I slapped my belly and put my hands down in sumo stance then he came at me haha. It was freekin hilarious.

Later on we found out they were all bankers from Gunma Bank. They must of had a long week and decided to go party. They were alot of fun and we sang some songs with them.
They were really insistent on asking if we had girlfriends. Matt told them he did so he was ok. I told them I didn't so the guy that I sumo wrestled against told me to date his sister haha, I don't know if it was a joke or not but it was kind of funny. Anyways after about an hour or two there I went home for the night.

Saturday morning I woke up early because I wanted to go join the team at Utsunomiya to play some Ultimate Frisbee. I was supposed to me Atsuhiro at the station at 10 but I took a wrong train and backtracked, but I eventually made it haha. I was very apologetic but he said it was no problem. I bought him lunch because I felt bad later. Anyways Frisbee was alot of fun and the guys asked if I wanted to go drinking with them again (like last week). Of course this time I accepted! After playing Frisbee all day Atsuhiro invited me to come with him. He said we're going to a public bath, I was like ok! The public bath was awesome, luckily my eye sight sucks without glasses so I didn't have to see all that man junk. After the shower area I went to the spa area and got in a jacuzzi thing it was great especially after running all day. After that I went to the onsen (hot spring) outside and it was great. What's funny is I think Atsuhiro was more apprehensive than I was. I was like whatever we're all men we all have the same stuff, I don't care.

After the public bath we met Oliver at the station. I decided to invite him since he was in Utsunomiya for the day. All three of us walked to the Izakaya (bar) where we were supposed to meet everyone. We got in and it was a really nice place. We had a great time just talking and learning about each other both in English and Japanese haha. Luckily one of the guys had an electronic translator.

After the Izakaya Oliver and I headed home. One of the team members (nickname was Tom) was going the same way. We got on the train and we were on our way. I saw three guys walking to find seats, I offered mine seat to them. I guess they thought that was a nice gesture so they gave Oliver, Tom and me some Strawberry Jam. After that they said we were Jam friends haha it was awesome.

Oliver and I got back to the station around 11:30. There we met up with Adrian, Matt, and Graham. The girls were all out of town this week, they went to soccer tournament in Nagano so we had a "guys night out". After meeting up we tried to look for a bar to go to. We ended up sitting infront of the 7-11 talking to some guy named Mario who was in his 50's and from Paraguay. It was crazy to talk to him in Spanish and Japanese. A few times I had to take a step back and look at the whole situation and laugh because it blew my mind. I tried my best to remember Spanish but after studying Japanese so much its almost replaced it. The 5 of us ended up going to Ken's Bar after that. Had some pizza and then called it a night.

Today (Sunday) I woke up late and then met up with Oliver and Graham to play tennis. First we went to this coffee shop that is supposed to be amazing. They have coffee from all around the world and I mean all around the world. They had coffee beans from something like 30-40 different countries and you could order a cup of any kind you want. You could also buy 100g of the beans from that country. They brew each cup individually. I got Brazilian coffee, and I'm not much of a coffee drinker so I couldn't tell if it was good or not hah.

We finished up there then headed to the courts. It took us a while to figure out where it was ok to park but we eventually found a place. We walked over the courts and volleyed for a long time. Graham and I played a game or two. A Japanese couple was playing a few courts over. I told Graham we should challenge them in doubles. So we walked over and asked if they wanted to play. We spoke a bit in Japanese and told them we we're any good, and the husband said in English I know. I was like damn that's harsh! Anyways after the greetings we played. After volleying we broke up into teams and played 7 games. I was expecting to be Graham and I vs. them, but I was on the team with the Husband and Graham was on the team with the Wife. My team won 7 to 5. It was alot of fun. After that we met a Guy who used to be the Principal at one of my schools. We spoke with him in English for about 20 minutes it was a good conversation. He said he wanted to hang out with us I was like sure, even though you're like 60 or 70. He said he had alot of free time so I hope he calls me hahah.

Tonight I've just been relaxing, I made that video and posted the pictures from the weekend. I also took a bath earlier and did some laundry. I go to my Junior High School tomorrow for the 2nd time. Junior High is good because its different and refreshing. EXCITEMENT!!

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Reyhan said...

Coffee from 30-40 countries in the world , all under one roof?? I would have been in heaven! I love coffee. Wouldn't it be funny if every coffee was a good representation of life in that specific country? Like if American coffee is dull, not much flavor, and the only thing it offers is enough caffeine for the day. That would be a representation of our everyday lives. Haha! Well, at least in comparison to your days in Japan. I would love to try and describe each coffee from each different country. Can I be in your place?