Friday, May 01, 2009

Nice Wednesday Holiday 昭和の日 Golden Week is here!

Sorry no pictures on this post! I didn’t bring my camera… : (

Wednesday was a national holiday here so I got the day off. On Tuesday night I was really antsy to do something. I sent out a bunch of text messages to see what everyone was doing. I heard back from a couple people but nothing really interesting was happening. I went out and got some food then went over to Carrie’s house. We talked for a bit then Adrian called and said that he was going to a club in Oyama with Yu. He invited me to come along too.

After that I took the train to Oyama. Once I got there I took a taxi to Adrians. We talked and drank there a bit until around 11, and then we went to the club together. This club called “Around 9” is the only club in all of Oyama. Normally when you go to a club you don’t make reservations. At this place apparently you had to make reservations. I thought this was strange until I got there. I really wish I brought my camera.

The club had some event like singles night. If you had a girlfriend/boyfriend you wore a blue wrist band, if not you wore a pink one. At first all the boys and girls were separated. Then the girls made some kind of grand entrance haha. We played some matching games too. They took all the girls names, wrote them on a piece of paper and put them in balloons. They did the same with the guys. After that they threw the balloons out and you had to find your “match”. The first few to find their match got to go up on stage. Once on stage they got a free drink ticket and they got to eat fruit dipped in a chocolate fountain.

Shortly after that we played another balloon game, except this time phone numbers were in the balloons. If you call and find the person you get the same prize as last time, free drink ticket and food. I didn’t get any balloons with phone numbers but I took Yu and went on stage anyways haha. They couldn’t tell so they gave us the drink ticket and we got to eat the fruit and use the chocolate fountain.

It was my second or third time clubbing since I’ve been here and it was really fun. I met a lot of people and gave out a ton of my business cards but I don’t really expect to hear back from anyone though aha. A lot of the girls there were kind of weird, but then again maybe that’s most Japanese girls. After all the games were over we danced all night. I had a ton of people doing this one dance that Chris taught me last time we were here. It was pretty funny watching them try it. We stayed at the club until around 4. We finally got home around 4:30am.

I spent the morning and slept at Adrian’s then headed back to Sano around 1:50pm. Once I got there I biked home and showered and ate. Then Akemi picked me up and I spent the whole day playing sports. We drove to Ashikaga and played basketball for a few hours. After that we went to get some dinner. We got ramen and gyoza at one of Ray’s favorite places. Then we heard there were some fireworks by the river. We walked over the river and watched. The fireworks were pretty nice. After that we drove back to Sano and played volleyball. After volleyball we drove back to Ashikaga and went to Yakitori-kun. (Grilled Chicken on a Stick) We got some more food and chatted a bit.

Golden week starts today. I wonder what I'll do. I should have made some big plans. I'll probably go to a couple bbq's and to tokyo to see some friends.

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