Monday, May 25, 2009


So, over the weekend.

On Saturday I went to Utsunomiya, which is something I do now at least twice a month. I went to practice with the University Frisbee team again. Its always fun practicing, because frisbee is a sport I freekin love. After practice was over they invited me to a Nomikai (or dinner party) but I didn't really wanna go because I was dirty and didn't have a place to shower. Also it usually costs alot for nomikai's and I didn't want to spend the money. Anyways after practice we went to sukiya (Japanese fast food) and got some curry and rice, had a nice chat. Next time they have a nomikai I'll go with them.

On Sunday there was a BBQ by the river in Sano. It was pretty fun, had good company and decent food. I thought it was overpriced though, we were charged 3000円 or 30 dollars for not that much. It was cloudy all day. People started drinking at like 11, so people were fairly drunk by 3 or 4. Alot of the people got a bit out of hand but I didn't seem to care all that much. For some reason I felt weird or off that day too. I couldn't really explain it, but I felt sad.

Next month I going to try to go to Kyoto and see Chris again. My school is taking a field trip, but instead of trying to go with them, (and going through all the trouble of insurance and permission) I'm just going to go on my own accord and maybe meet up with them. Later in June I plan on going to Hiroshima with Carrie and Kim. If I go it will be the farthest west I've been in Japan. I heard its a really beautiful place. Can't wait.

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リナ said...

When you go to Hiroshima, try eating hiroshimayaki. It is one of the best things EVAR.