Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy Saturday

Nothing too unusual happened during the week. The weekend came along.. and Friday night I would have liked to do something but I had planned to get up early on Saturday to go to frisbee practice in Utsunomiya. Also later on Saturday (3pm)there was supposed to be a "Futsal" (which is soccer on a smaller field with less players) fund raising game for my friends here who are going to India in August for Habitat for Humanity. I intended on playing it in.

Saturday morning came and it was pouring. It actually rained all day. The Futsal and practice were both cancelled. This made me pretty annoyed that it was sunny all week then the day came where I get to do some outdoor stuff and it rains all day.

However... I wasn't going to let the rain hinder my day. I went to Utsunomiya anyways because the frisbee team was going to have a nomikai or drink party. So I got my rain gear on and took the 15 minute bike ride to the station. I got soaked but I didn't care so much. Finally made it to Utsunomiya, had to take a bus to get to the University. Then walked another 20 minutes in the rain, without an umbrella haha. Found out it was closer to just walk from the station than from the University but oh well, I was already soaked.

The nomikai was alot of fun. Got to talk with alot of people, meet some new people, play some games, drink for a fixed price for 3 hours hahah... all good things. Practice Japanese of course because hardly anyone knows any English on the whole team. This is actually good though because it forces me to use Japanese. I hate that I can get away with using English here sometimes. I feel so ignorant and arrogant(thx to Rayna... she helped me come up with the word arrogant.. I'm losing my English). Like I'm in your country, but I'm gonna speak English! No that's not how it should work. In America you have to speak English. You can live in a little group with people that speak your language but sooner or later you have to speak English.

Anyways here are the pics from the Nomikai

There were tons of games we played, and quizzes and stuff. I took a video of one. The freshmen had to compete in a pudding competition. They had to eat it thru a straw. Kind of funny take a look:

On Sunday the weather finally got better. So for lunch I met up with Justin, Bridget, and Kristine to get lunch at インド屋 an Indian food place. The lunch buffet was really good as usual. After that Bridget and Kristine went home. Justin and I went to the outlets and shopped a little. He wanted to get a good raincoat because he's going backpacking through Europe after his contract is finished. I didn't really have anything in particular I wanted, besides sandals which I didn't even buy.

I ended up buying a couple things. From left to right: A pair of Under Armour athletic pants, some new Adidas sneakers (I really needed a new pair of summer shoes), Two pairs of Gap khaki shorts, and I found a shirt at Uniqlo with megaman on it so I had to get it. On the back it says "Give me your Energy" and theres a picture of megaman. On the front theres an Energy container thing you use to refresh your life haha. Only nerds... I mean true fans of megaman... will get it, but that's the best part.
This Wednesday I have off. Next week is golden week so I have from the 2nd to 6th off. I thought about going to Kyoto to see Chris again, but I haven't bought the ticket yet. As time passes I don't know what I'll do. I really should take advantage of that time though. If I don't go see Chris.. I should defintetly go hiking with Justin or down to Tokyo to see friends. The problem is everyone travels during golden week so if I do go to see Chris it might take forever to get there on the overnight bus. The shinkansen is just expensive or I'd take that.

I found out my Junior High is taking a field trip out to Kyoto in June. I might go with them lol. I have to get permission and stuff but we'll see.

Until next time!

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