Sunday, January 11, 2009

Terabyte/DSi/Business Cards

What up!

So the past week has been kind relaxing/lazy. As I think I said in my previous post I got back home on Monday. Tuesday I just relaxed and got back in my home groove. Wednesday my company had training held in Ujiie City about an hour and a half away by train. It was kind of pointless, I got a total of 3 ideas from the entire training session. Most of which I can only use in Junior High School which I only teach twice a month, so yeah pretty pointless.

Thursday and Friday I taught at 天明小Tenmyo. Pretty easy days. Nothing too exciting happened, I gave the teachers my Omiyage from Kyoto. I bought for all my schools these triangle shaped Mochizuke I think its called Yatsuhashi? 八っ橋. (Basically a soft rice cakey treat stuffed with a filling such as strawberries, or anko (sweet beans). They enjoyed it and I like the taste too.

Saturday was kind of a waste of a day. I went biking around to go shopping. It was so windy it was hard to go anywhere. Easily the windyest day in Sano. I wanted to buy a DSi and an external hard drive. I bought an external hard drive on Saturday. 1 Terabyte or 1000 Gigabytes. It's huge but that means I'll never need to buy another one haha. Here's a pic of the hard drive.

Today I met up with Graham, Carrie, and Becky and we all got lunch together. We went to the indian food place over near Becky's house. After that we shopped around. Went to Dopo and checked out some of the stuff there. I wanted to buy the DSi so I suggested going to this game store. I bought my DSi there, and Becky and Graham also bought DSlites. I got the Kanji game so now I have a kanji dictionary. I might buy some other games too and check em out. Here's what I got for the DSi. It's not actually going to come out in the US for a while, so that's kind of cool that I have one.

Carrie told me she might be taking drum lessons on Wednesday nights at this music school. I want to do it too, I think that'd be alot of fun.

Also Tuesday night I'm going to start teaching one of my teachers 寺岡先生Teraoka Sensei some English. It's more of a language exchange than me just teaching her. She wants to be able to read news articles in English so I'm going to help her out. I'm going to have her check some of the work I've done and make sure the sentences I'm inputting into my computerized flash cards are correct.

Tonight I'm going to Carries to watch a movie with everyone, and maybe we'll end up doing something else too. I guess I'll find out in a few.

I ordered some business cards for free (I just paid shipping). They look decent... the problem is had a hard time choosing the design. I was really tempted to get some crazy ones, but went with this more conservative one, since I'm in Japan.

I was gonna go with this one:

Here was the one I really wanted but it cost alot more and it's a bit bold:

Which of the three do you think looks the best?

We'll see how the one I got looks when it gets here.

Until next time!


Ajinomoto Miyako said...

NICK!! the picture of you and Chris are LOVELY!! haha

Dan Saper said...

I'm a fan of #2, personally!

Henry said...

I like that second business card!
I've been tossing around the idea of teaching abroad too. Seems like you've been enjoying yourself, haha.

(And nice on the DSi).

Henry Nam