Friday, January 23, 2009

Sick Times Bilingual Edition 病気の時バイリンガル版

I'm sick! Oh noo! I'm going to see a doctor soon to figure out what it is. Probably just the flu. A ton of ALTs are sick right now, probably with the same thing. This weekend I'm just going to relax so I can get better.


This previous week...
Pretty standard, I found out that I can't take the Drum lessons because they're super expensive and it wouldn't be worth the cost... I watched the Last Samurai, I like that movie alot. I got my business cards in the mail this week too yay!


Yesterday I went to watch some Kendo. Really interesting, but I think for me to do it, it would be really expensive. Some of the chest plates alone can cost as much as $1,200. The actual lessons cost an initial sign up fee, plus a monthly fee. The monthly fee isn't that much but the problem is that practices are only once a week,and at a bad time (Friday from 8-10pm.) So if I pay all the money to sign up I'll have to clear my Friday nights for a while.


What else is cool is that the teacher of the person I'd be learning from was the guy who taught Ken Watanabe for his role in the Last Samurai. It's funny because I just watched that movie recently.


I took some pictures of the practice and a few videos too, enjoy.

A video of the little ones 小学生

A cool match 試合がかっこい

What's crazy too is that its pretty much all Elementary and Junior High School students at the practices. They all look really good too. I'd probably lose in a match against them.


Today, and probably this weekend it's just house cleaning and relaxing.
My unnatural sounding Japanese is awful.


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eromant said...

Nickel! I'm learning how to read Hiragana in my Japanese class!

Also I miss you!

And I hope you get healthy soon!

Also, I will try to skype you more!