Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ashikaga Birthday Bonanzaaaaa

What up.

So this week.. Hmm, Monday we had off because it was "Adults Day" what exactly that means I don't know but I guess I'll take it. I went over to Carrie's with Graham and Becky. We watched the Last Samurai, which I want to watch with it Japanese subtitles and in Japanese if possible. Then take sentences from it and learn some new things with it.

Tuesday I taught at Azuma Elementary which I usually enjoy. I only teach there twice a month so it's a treat to go there. I actually had the best day of the week there. I was in a really good mood for some reason. I started taking my iPod with me for my bike rides to school it makes them nice, except I think I freak some people out because I sing haha. The kids are all well mannered there, and appreciative. The teachers are also nice and I get along with them well.

Wednesday and Thursday I taught at Ueno. Wednesday I had 5th grade and unfortunately the new toy I got from Graham. I still works but I'm annoyed they broke it, because I just got it.
I had to tape it back together but it still works. Thursday I taught 3rd grade, and it was pretty run of the mill.

Friday I was at Azuma Junior High which is also a treat since its my only Junior High I teach at. The teachers all enjoyed my Yatsuhashi (Food) I brought back from Kyoto. The kids also enjoy my visits since they're so rare. I like working with Saukrai-sensei too, he's fun and always looks forward to seeing my pictures and videos of stuff I do. I gave him a book too as a xmas gift.

Friday night it was Zishan's and Ben's birthday party at an Izakaya in Ashikaga. There was probably around 20 people there It was alot of fun, I took a decent number of pics here the album below:


So we walked around and saw some cute girls. So I asked if anyone wanted to come talk to them with me ahha. I recruited Kevin and Sean, we went over and talked for like a half an hour or so. I did all the translating and it was weird for me to be the best at translating when I was at a table of 7 people. It was a good confidence boost for my Japanese, but I still know I'm terrible at it haha. They were all 21, the girl on the far left I thought was the cutest hah. She didn't smoke and she works at some dentists office. No number exchange but thats ok, it was just fun to talk to random people, and actually be capable of replying in Japanese.
Tonight I'm not sure what I'll do, I've heard theres a party in Chiba, but Carrie is also having people over for a movie so I'll have to decide what I want to do. Tomorrow I'm going to make some Mochi so I'll most likely just stay in Sano since its just easier.

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