Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quick Question

Does it ever stop raining in Sano? It's honestly starting to get super annoying and really depressing. It hasn't stopping raining since I got here about a week ago. I really want to explore more of the town but when its raining like this its difficult.

Last night I arranged a huge get together that started off at meeting at the train station at 8pm. I got up with some other ALTs that have been here for over a year. All and all we had I think around 12 people. It was good to meet the group that had been here for a year because they know all the good spots to go.

First we went to this italian food place called like Salvatori or something. It was alright food wise, but we went there to drink a bit. Next we went and Karaoked! There was a place within walking distance of the food place to Karaoke. I was a fun time at karaoke we sang tons of crazy songs. I have a couple videos I might post later of it. The other ALTs also got some great videos and pictures I'll try to set links up once they post them. My friends know I like to get into random pictures with people I never met before so I did hahaha. They were drunk and liked

And here's a pic of the people I do know
After karaoke we went to some small bar where someone in our group knew the owner. It had like a Rhasta theme to it. Bob Marley was playing of course ahha. I was pretty tired at that point and stopped drinking all together. We played some pool and hung out for a couple hours then headed out. All an all an OK night.

Today my mission is to try to figure out my laundry machine. I need to buy a pole for hanging my clothes up but since its raining all the time I don't know where I can dry them...

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Mandy said...

Rain, Rain, go away, come again some other day!

Hope your days are much sunnier!