Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Moved In!

I changed my blog layout because this one is a bit easier on the eyes. Anyways....
Ok, so today was a bit stressful and very long but now has almost come to an end. It started off with me waking up at 4am again. I talked with people online and killed time until 8:00, then Graham (Another ALT, from Texas) and I went out for a stroll. We had a good chat about how he's never been to Japan, and I explained how he's going to be in culture shock for about a month, then we went to the convenience store.

After getting some stuff at the store we came back and got our luggage ready because today we were supposed to move into our new places. After getting everyone rallied and packed up we got in 2 vans and headed out. After about an hour of driving we made it to Sano city. Once we got there we went to pick up two other ALTs from Sano Train Station. After that we were supposed to find the office for the housing we live in (Leo Palace). This way we could get our keys and everything settled. It took us a long time to finally find the office. Once we got there, there were some problems. Apparently the office (in Utsunomiya) our company filed all the paperwork with hadn't sent it to the office we went to (in Sano). After about a half and hour of getting that settled Grant showed us where we'd all be living. See the picture below for my location in relation to Sano Station. The station is right above the red, and I'm at the blue circle.

I live in southwest Sano about a 15-20 minute walk to the main station. I also found out today that I'll be teaching at 5 different schools! This wasn't very good news considering I kind of preferred to work at less schools so I could get to know the students and staff better but I guess on the brighter side I'll get to meet tons of people. After that we started to move into our new places one by one. Next we went to a shopping mall and bought futon matresses for our bed area. I also bought sheets but they were accidentally left in the car so now I'll have to just sleep on the futon itself. Below are pictures of the main room. Click on them to make them bigger.

My place is actually really nice, and I'm glad I got to choose this over the older place. Also the internet wasn't supposed to start working until tomorrow but it luckily works tonight. Next you can get a virtual tour of my house haha.(Once it uploads I'll post it)

Sano isn't quite how I pictured it, but most of the time things rarely look how you imagine or picture them so I wasn't too surprised. I think it will look much nicer once it stops raining. Today the weather was pretty bad but hopefully tomorrow it will be nicer. Tomorrow I have to wake up early because I have a meeting with one of the schools I'll be teaching at and the board of education. Its kind of important that I make a good impression with both.

All my life up to this point I've been living with other people whether it be family or a roommate/roommates. Now living on my own I kind of see how much I enjoyed living with other people. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the luxuries of living on my own but I feel it doesn't make up for having a someone around to just hang out with or talk to ect. I need to make some friends here to keep myself from being lonely. Right now I'm ok but I can see myself getting lonely and possibly bored pretty quick if I don't make friends quickly.

In other news I haven't been eating much at all but surprisingly I haven't been hungry. I hope I'm alright.. my stomach must of resigned itself haha. Either that or somethings wrong with me, I need to see a hypnotist to make me like Japanese food or a doctor to find out I have some type of psychological problem or something.


mao qingyu said...

Your apartments nice!!this is all really exciting. but yeah see someone about not liking japanese food haha

Dan Saper said...

the place looks pretty solid so far -- but wheres the dryer? haha.

would LOVE to see a mini-tour of sano city -- im sure you'll find plenty of stuff to do.

keep up the posts, i love 'em


Simply Divine said...

I agree... keep the posts coming. I like living vicariously through you because I'm pretty sure I'll never get to Japan. :)
take care!

Daphne Duke said...

dannngggg your apt looks really nice! i like how there are steps leading up to your bed; it looks comfy. and i can relate to the whole alone in a new country = no appetite thing. i was so stressed from traveling and navigating by myself when i first got to germany that i think i didn't eat anything for about 36 hrs...i'd say you're prb fine for now. but yes, be concerned if it's been too long.
exciting! post more videos!


Lots of fun!
Blog is better to read now, good colors.
The apartament is nice. Tiny but has everything you need.
I hope you start eating. Maybe you are too excited at the moment...
I hope you make good friends. So you won't feel lonely and maybe depressed.