Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Uneventful Weekend, Student's Graduation Soon!

Another month has come and gone.... I can't believe it's already March. Even though February is the shortest month, every new month that comes here feels like it goes faster and faster. If I didn't extend my contract I'd already be going home in less than a month. Right now I'm glad I did because if I left this month it would feel way to short.

Over the past weekend, not much at all happened. Saturday I should have gone to play Frisbee in Utsunomiya, but I woke up late and ended up not going. The weather was cloudy in the morning and it was really cold, so I figured it would end up being rainy. Of course since I didn't go it turned out to be a pretty warm and sunny day. I didn't want to let the day go to waste so I biked to Tatebayashi (a relatively close city.) I went to the train station and picked up a map. Looked around to see what was interesting and found this huge park with a lake. Its called Azalea Hill Park、つつじが岡公園. Apparently in May its really beautiful because the lake there has tons of Carp flag/kites over it. Also all the flowers are blooming. Here's a pic of what it looks like in May.

And here's the pic I took (In Feburary) Here's the river that leads to the lake
A small part of the lake

After checking out Tatebayashi, I biked home. On Sunday I was supposed to go with Carrie and Adrian to Yokohama. I would have been my 2nd time there. Carrie ended up cancelling because she had to help someone. I don't blame her because I know the situation and I'm glad she helped that person. So again, I had a free day where I didn't have any plans. I decided to go bike to the Sano Outlets and buy a new pair of shoes because I really needed some. I went into a bunch of stores, and really wanted to get a pair of this brand here called "Dragon Beard". Mostly because the brand name, but I think they're cool looking and different. I mean look at them, they are pretty serious.

Anways at the store, I couldn't find any that I really liked as far as color and style went... So I went to the outlets and went to Nike, Adidas, Reebok and a few other places. I ended up getting these Skechers:
I like the style and they are comfortable. I can also wear them with pretty much anything. Dress them up, or down. I also wanted to find some more clothes, but didn't do much searching but it's ok. I like the dark color to because they last longer.

On a different note:

This month will be the last time I teach 6th grade students at my Elementary schools (Besides Azuma since I teach at the JHS too.)

On Monday I taught my "last time" at Azuma Elementary. It isn't really my last time, but since the school year is ending it is techincally the "last time" of this school year. In the 6th grade I gave all the students a hug ahha. Even though I'll be seeing them at Azuma Junior High next year. I really like both Azuma ES and JHS, everyone is so nice.

On Tuesday I taught at Azuma JHS, and during 3rd-4th periods we had graduation practice. It's so structured here and serious. I ended up talking to Sakurai sensei for a long time. It was interesting to watch though. Schools here don't have school colors, or mascots like in America. I feel like it takes away from the pride aspect of the school maybe. Tuesday was fun though. After classes were over the students brought the teachers up to the assembly room and gave all the teachers a big thank you card. I was told what it was in Japanese, but I didn't write it down so I forgot, but I'll ask again. Azuma is pretty small so theres only 22 kids graduating. They all signed it and wrote a little something for me. Here's a picture of it.
If you click on it, you can read it. I even got a picture of Dragonball and Naruto! It is pretty much all in Japanese sorry for those of you who can't read it, I translated the few words on there I didn't know. Most of the students said things like this:
"Although our time together was short, I had a great time in your class."
"You're classes we're always interesting and fun."
"I'm greatful for your kindness"
"After seeing you teach, I can see you're really energetic. I really want to become an energetic person like you someday."
One student wrote in English: "I hope to see you again!" And I do hope I see them again. I think that'd be so cool if in a few years some of my old students contact me.

Hearing all this made me pretty happy. Its good to know that I'm doing a good job and students enjoy my classes.

Today I taught at Tenmyo, 5th and 6th grade. At recess I played tag with the kids they loved it. They also had a little celebration for the 6th grade graduation. We played games like old maid and this huge rock scissors paper game, it was fun.

Tomorrow is my "last time" of the school year at Funatsugawa. I want to make a short speech but I don't know if I'll have time.

On yet another note:
I've reached 1800 Kanji. Only 242 left before I'm done with the book. I wanted to finish months ago, but I didn't so all I can do is keep working. I'm trying to do a lesson a day so I can finish in 10 days or so, but we'll see what happens. I'LL DO MY BEST!


Mandy said...

Those flowers are so beautiful! And P.S. those shoes look sweet!!

eromant said...

Aww man I was hoping youd get dragon beard shoes. Heh. Well sounds like you had a pretty good week :) That was a very well organized card too.

rikkiageage said...

Hey~~those shoes are hot! Where did you buy them

リナ said...

Hardcore Kanji-Man!! O:

Awww, the card's so adorable and sweet! (I love how everyone wrote 短い間でしたが・・・ XD)