Monday, February 09, 2009

台場 Odaiba

On Friday I just stayed in and did some studying. Saturday I went to Tokyo to meet with some people I talk to regularly on Skype. We met in Shimbashi and then went to Odaiba. We just enjoyed the weather and walked around. In Odaiba there is a fake statue of liberty, its pretty funny because it’s so small compared to the real thing. We walked through a few shopping malls, but I didn’t buy anything. Then we went to the Fuji-TV headquarters. It was pretty interesting and it was a nice view. I have a bunch of pics, check em out by clicking here.

Found some weird people doing something, so I had to take a picture with them.

Not as big as the real one.

Took a pic of rainbow bridge from odaiba with my night setting, so it looks more like dusk.

Black and White one

Group shot from Fuji-Television Headquarters

Later that night we went to an izakaya overlooking the water. It was a really nice place. The food was good and it was a good view. I paid for most of the meal, I would have paid for all of it but they wouldn’t let me, oh well. I also got an early valentines “joke” gift oh la-la from Hiromi. On Sunday I headed back home after getting breakfast at a nice bakery in Chiba. カレーパン(Curry bread, it’s like a doughnut with curry in it) is definitely one of my favorite Japanese breakfast foods hah.

Group Shot at the Izakaya we ate at.

Today I taught at Ueno. I taught 3rd grade. The lesson plan was a little confusing but I got through it. The kids were all really energetic today. I had lunch with 3-3 (Asuka飛鳥先生 class. During lunch some J-Pop and J-Rap music came on, it was hilarious. I started dancing a little and the kids were cracking up. I had them doing some of the dances I was doing. I was getting really goofy with my dances and one of the kids asked if I was drunk. I had a lot of fun at recess, I played dodgeball. Some girls from the class I ate lunch with tried to teach me a couple dances, it was pretty funny.

Tomorrow I’m at Ueno again, except I’m teaching 4th grade. Wednesday is a national holiday here, “National Founders Day”. 建国記念の日 so I’m off from school. I don’t have any plans yet but I should do something. If it’s a nice day I’ll go somewhere if not maybe I’ll try to make some bagels or soft pretzels since I’ve been wanting to forever.

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リナ said...

My friend knocked my bottle of Calpis off from that ledge near the Statue of Liberty when we went to Japan... Hahaha. (And zomgz, contacts?)