Sunday, June 26, 2011

ファインディング・サチ Finding Sachi

最近YoutubeでBobby Judoのチャネル(日本に住む外人の生活についてのビデオとか料理教室までありますので、結構面白いと思います。是非ご覧くださいを見ていたらFinding Sachiという話が出てきてました。 







 The other day I was watching some videos on Youtube. One of the people I'm subscribed to is named Bobby Judo, an American living in Southern Japan that blogs about daily life and some of the things you come across in Japan. He also does a Q&A session called Bobby and 1 Beer, where he answers questions from Japanese people about foreigners. It's pretty interesting, check him out here:

While watching one of his videos I came across Finding Sachi.

It's about a woman who left her hometown on her bike with the mission to find the best foods Japan has to offer. She's biking through from southern most to northern most parts of Japan.

To me this is like a real adventure. This is the kind of thing I'd like to do! Because of that reason I'll be cheering Sachi on!


Matt Thompson said...

Reminds me of the time I spent two weeks cycling around Shikoku. Had the best time of my life. I'd love to do that again sometime, Japan is such a great place for cycling.

Sachi from FindingSachi:) said...

Thank you Nick for supporting my tour! So glad you found my site and that you like it:) I've just cycled out of Tokyo last week and now in Karuizawa, Nagano at the moment. I hope more people will follow me and enjoy Japan as I cycle and eat my way up to Hokkaido!

Nick Lockard said...

Matt, let's do it. Don't care how old we get. If we have enough money to afford it, I'm in.

Matt Thompson said...

OK Nick, I'm down. How can we make sure we don't forget this idea? Tattoos?