Sunday, March 06, 2011

帰国 Going Home





It's unfortunate but a good friend's going back to her home country.
A girl I met last August named Nami will be flying back to Japan. I'll definitely miss her! One reason being that in my circle of Japanese friends here she is the center and helps bring people together.

I'm really no good with saying goodbye. But luckily yesterday we got everyone together and had a going away party for her. After finishing dinner we gave her a present. We gave her a digital photo frame with pictures of our time together already uploaded on it. While she was looking at the pictures she started crying. She was saying things like "Thanks so much" even though she was sad. After that she gave all us of personal letters.

Next we went to a bar and danced until we couldn't anymore. It was so fun. I wanted the night to continue longer, but everyone had to work the next day so we couldn't stay too late. We caught the last train back home even though it was a Thursday.

I hope I see her again wherever it maybe be.

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