Saturday, November 27, 2010

お母さんは英雄だ My Mom is a Hero!


So I spoke with my mom the other day. A few days ago there was an attempted robbery at her workplace!


At the time my mom's friend from Maryland was visiting so they went to my mom's work together. After my mom closed the restaurant she was doing some paper work in the office and talking to her friend. Then suddenly, two men broke into the entrance of the restaurant.


My mom heard the noise and checked the security camera. She saw two men headed for the office .She quickly ran to the office door and held it shut. She had her friend call the police. The men tried to break into the office, but my mom was able to hold the door shut for a while.

親友がブリーチ(漂白剤)とホチキスを準備して、犯人が入ってきたら顔に投げて、そのすきに逃げるてはずでした。強盗がパトカーのサイレンに気づ くまでの長い間ドアを閉めたままにすることができました。 強盗はレストランからとび出して、警察は彼らを追いかけました。強盗は警察から逃げましたが、 お母さんと母の親友は無事でした。危ないところでした!よかった~!お母さんそんなこと二度とないでよ!

My mom's friend got some bleach and a stapler ready because if they weren't able to hold the door shut, they wanted to try to escape. Luckily my mom was able to hold the door shut long enough for robbers to hear the police sirens. The two men ran and drove away, the police pursued them. The two men escaped, but my mom and her friend were safe .Thank goodness! What a dangerous situation... Whew! Mom, don't do something like that ever again!

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