Friday, May 28, 2010



アメリカに帰国してから用事がいっぱいあります。アメリカに住むと必要なものは携帯と自動車と仕事です。まず携帯を買いに行きました。 Verizonと言う会社でスマートフォンを買ってしまいました。ブラックベリーのツアーと言うスマートフォンを買いました。サラリーマンには iPhoneより便利な携帯だそうです。、サラリーマンにiPhoneより便利な携帯だそうです。僕はサラリーマンになるつもりはないですが、こんな不安 な景気では雇用確保が大切なので(サラリーマンに)なってしまうかも知れません。

2年前アメリカから日本に移住するまでに僕の自動車は問題がありました。 バッテリーがなくなってエンジンがかからなくなりました。そういうわけ で家族に頼み、自動車を2年間ずっとそのまま家の敷地内の道路に置いておきました。自動車整備士に見てもらうと、修理は20万円以上かかりますって言われ ました。僕は驚いて、祖父の薦めてくれた自動車整備士にも見てもらうと修理は1万円以下でした。 安心しました。

2年間のALT生活は楽しかったです。この経験から先生になりたいと思いました。それか子供と関わる仕事に就きたいです。昨日就職の面接に行きま した。上手く行きましたがこの仕事はあまり好きじゃないと思います。生命保険会社には興味がないです。生命保険の営業マンにはなりたくないです。他の仕事 を探さなければなりません。


Soon it'll be a month since I came back from Japan. 

Since I came back there's so much I have to do. If you live in America theres three things you can't live without, a job, a cell phone, and a car. First I had to get a phone. I had to catch up my old cell phone bill and get a new phone. I finally got a smart phone. I went with the Blackberry tour. It's pretty good and its supposed to be really useful for business people. I don't consider myself a business person but I might become one depending on the job I get. With the bad economy it might be a good idea to become a "business person".

Two years ago before I moved to Japan my car was having some problems. My battery was shot and the car wasn't starting. So when I left I was hoping my family would just replace the battery and drive it around it keep it in good shape, but instead it just sat there for 2 years. If you know cars then you know this is really bad for it haha. Anyways took it to the mechanic and they said it'd cost over $2000 to fix. I was like Jesus Christ! I only paid 3000 for it in the first place. After that I took it to a trusted mechanic (suggested by my grandfather) and turns out it was only $96 to pass inspection. I felt relieved. Midas is a bunch of crooks! Don't go there.

It was really fun being an ALT for the 2 years I was in Japan. From that experience I feel like I want to be a teacher now, or at least work at a job that involves children. I had a job interview yesterday and although it went well I don't care if I get the job or not. I don't really want to become a Life Insurance agent. If I can work in a job that uses Japanese, involves kids, or video games then I'd be happy.

I've been pretty busy over the past month...

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