Monday, April 19, 2010

気紛れで On a Whim

Recently I've been biking around Osaka and checking it out. I've been finding some interesting little shops, restaurants and cafes really close to my house that I never even noticed. A couple days ago I found Maryland Cafe. Having grown up in Maryland for 12+ years I had to go to this place.

So one day I set out to go to this cafe. I left my apartment on my bike and got there in about 5 mins or so. Once I got there I thought, you know what I'm not that hungry I'll keep exploring. So I kept going.

I kept going for a while and I saw more of Osaka. I stayed on the same road that Maryland Cafe was on. The road is called Sennichimae. It runs from the bay near in/near Osaka all the way to Nara (the prefecture to the east) probably like 50km or so. Anyways on a whim I kept heading west on my bike.

The farther I got away from home the farther I wanted to go. Eventually I noticed a mountain range outline. Once I saw that mountain I set my goal.

I kept biking on that same road, which when I started was quite big, but now had gotten really narrow in a small town, until I reached the base of the mountain. Once I got there I parked my bike and started hiking up the mountain.

Along the way I met an old man, we didn't talk but it made the walk up the mountain feel different. It was a little cloudy but other than that the weather was nice. At certain points I could see the city of Osaka through the trees, it was awesome. When I got to the peak it felt great. Felt like I had accomplished something when really I just came here on a total whim.

On the way down I picked up a small stone as a keepsake. When I got home I realized I biked over 50km and hiked probably at least 2km up the mountain. The mountain is called Mount Ikoma and is on the boarder of Osaka and Nara prefectures.









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