Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life Lately

Hello Everyone! Since I have time and I’m bored at school, time now for another bilingual blog!


I need to update more often but I guess I’ve been busy. It’s now almost halfway through February, and I’m only a month and a half from going home probably.


Last weekend I went to Gifu with my girlfriend. It was a nice trip, and my first time to see snow like that in years. Over one meter of snow was on the ground and more was falling. It was supposed to take 5 hours to get there but took six because of the heavy snow. Here are some pictures:


Tomorrow (Thursday) is a national holiday, foundation day. I think tonight I’m going to celebrate my friend’s birthday coming up. It should be fun. This weekend I really want to play Frisbee since it has been a while.


In late March/early April I plan on visiting my friends in Tochigi. Last time I saw them was when I left Tochigi in August last year. I was sad to leave, I came to like Sano. Some of them went back to America but most of them are still there.


I like Osaka, but I need to get more involved here.

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