Friday, September 25, 2009

Silver Week

In Japan we recently had silver week. This is a stretch of holidays from Monday to Wednesday. So the last weekend I had was a 5 day weekend. I tried to take advantage of it as much as possible and I think I did.

On Saturday Matt and I went to the Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri. This festival is known throughout Japan and is pretty popular. A lot of famous people come from all over to watch it. It’s the only festival where people have died from celebrating. During the day the men pull these giant wooden floats around the city in celebration. (more on it)

I posted a video on facebook of the day.

On Sunday Matt had a sports festival at his school. My sports festival isn’t until the 2nd of next month so I joined some friends that I met through my company on a trip to Himeji Castle. It is the most famous castle in Japan.

I also made a video of this on facebook.

On Monday Matt and I went to a BBQ at a friends house. It lasted all day and was a lot of fun. We got there at around 3pm. Then we went to the store and all bought some stuff. It was around 11 people and more people joined later. Later it turned into a drinking party.

On Tuesday we relaxed and recovered.

On Wednesday we went to Kobe. We met some friends there and walked around the harbor. We also watched some acapella groups perform while we waited for our friends.

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ひろみ said...

Looks like you have been having decent time in Osaka! Enjoy your rest of your stay in Japan as much as you can! I hope to see you before you go home. I might visit your new place! Please finish your cleaning your new apartment before I go =P