Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nice Sunday

Hmm the weekend. Update Style! Saturday was pretty lazy. Saturday at about 6 I went to Ashikaga to watch Matt and Adrian's band (The Vice Lords of Valhalar) play live. It was a good show despite the fact that their lead guitarist was sick and not there haha. Later that night I just hung out with people in Ashikaga.

On Sunday around 1pm Akemi and Emi came and picked me up. Earlier that day they had a big English test. So after they wanted to relax/celebrate.

We wanted to just hang out and do whatever, but we ended up taking an adventure. As I explain I'll put pictures lol. Emi driving

At first we went to Ashikaga because we were going to go bowling at Round1 (the name of the place). On the way there we invited a bunch of people but everyone was busy so once we got there we decided to change plans. They thought it would be a good idea to go to this amusement park in Ota ( 30 mins or so west). The place was pretty interesting they had a bunch of rides for kids ha, of course we rode them too. They also had a zoo and some other attractions.

Emi and I at the entrance

View from the ferris wheel

Looking off into the distance
Akemi and Emi being weird as usual
Let's go there's more rides!

After riding a few rides we went to the zoo. They had a couple cool animals, but alot were asleep or not out because it was near closing time.

A nice walk haha

After the zoo we went shopping. We went to a couple of Emi's favorite shops.
Posing infront of a department store

After shopping a bit, we went to get some dinner. We had tonkatsu or fried pork cutlet. It's really good. We had it at Akemi's favorite place in Ashikaga. If I go back I'll definitely go there, it was really good.At the tonkatsu place

After eating we relaxed a bit then went back to Round1 (the original place we went to) Still no one could join us so we just played ping pong for an hour and a half or so. The girls were both really good, and Akemi even played in high heels, how? I have no idea.

In Japan they have these photo booths that you can take pics and add craziness to them. They call them Puri Kura which is short/cute for Print Club I think. Anyways its really popular with girls from age maybe 13 - 25 here. We got a bunch and uploaded this one.

After finishing at Round1 the night still wasn't over. We went to sing at Karaoke in Sano. We stayed out until like 12:30am or so. Singing at Karaoke

My weekend started on Sunday.. at least event-wise. It was a really fun day.. hope I can have many more Sundays like that hah.

This weekend I'm going to Hiroshima with Carrie. I'll take my camera and post about it when I get back.

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John Milito said...

That purikura is mind blowing.